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New update for Heroes and General adds server-side hit-detection system

Reto-Moto’s World War II based first-person shooter, Heroes & Generals, has just received a new update

News 04 Feb 2015, 01:41 IST
The poster for Heroes and Generals

Reto-Moto’s World War II based first-person shooter, Heroes & Generals, has just received a new update. The Spaatz addon#2 patch will include fixes to improve the gameplay mechanics, as well as a new casual battle mode. The online shooter will now have an updated server-side hit-detection system, making matches a bit fairer, and improving the quality of the gun play.

The games previous client-side hit detection system functioned similarly to other first-person shooters. But with the new update, game servers will be able to authenticate every kill(rather than clients with their varying internet speeds), which is very important for a game like Heroes & Generals where every kill counts. So the improved server based hit-detection system will make the game more balanced, though lag issues will still be quite annoying for players to deal with.

The development team has stated the following regarding the server-side hit-detection feature, “We now believe that we have a fast, reliable, fair and cutting edge server-side hit detection system that supports Heroes & Generals in standing out as a truly unique war game”.

So far, the game has featured an overarching campaign map in a persistent game world that connects every individual battle. But now players will be able to participate in faction-free staged battles. So players from both the Allied and Axis sides can now partake in mixed matches that will not affect the outcome of the overall war. This will help ease in new players, as they can now gain a few skills before playing a real battle.

Heroes & Generals is a free-to-play first-person shooter that is currently available for the PC via Steam. The update is now available for download.

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