NPL 2020: NiMO TV PUBG Mobile League schedule announced

Come be a part of the NPL.
Come be a part of the NPL.

A close-knit community of gamers, players and fans, Nimo TV is a very popular streaming platform which allows gamers and players to showcase their talent. If you are a PUBG mobile enthusiast, rejoice as Nimo TV is coming up with Nimo TV PUBGM League (NPL). It will be a squad tournament, with various teams from India fighting it out in a game of survival.

NPL will take place from 15th June 2020 to 2nd July 2020. Registrations took place between 29th May 2020 and 10th June 2020.

NPL 2020 PUBG mobile matches on NimoTV:

There are two pool matches in NPL 2020, followed by the semifinals and finals. Here are the dates:

· Pool A Matches: 16th, 18th and 23rd June 2020.

· Pool B Matches: 17th, 22nd and 24th June 2020.

· Semifinals: 29th and 30th June 2020.

· Finals: 1st and 2nd July 2020.

NPL 2020 rules:

Here's a look at the general rules of NPL:

· Every pool will have 25 teams each, and these teams will face off against each other in a total of 24 matches, 12 for each pool.

· 25 teams will qualify in the semis, and will play eight matches over the course of two days.

· 10 teams will be selected for the finals. They will battle it out in TDM and Classic matches.

· Players can only use their mobile phones, and no emulators will be allowed.

· Creation of a Nimo ID is a must. Every team must have at least one.

· Nimo TV and judges’ will take the full and final decision.

NPL prize pool distribution:

One of the main attractions of this tournament is the prize money! Here's a breakdown of the prize pool:

· First Prize: Rs 1.4 lakhs.

· Second Prize: Rs 65,000.

· Third Prize: Rs 45,000.

· Fourth Prize: Rs 11,000.

· Most Valuable Player: Rs 11,000.

· Team with the most Chicken Dinners: Rs 16,000.

Try your best to be the best in NPL. Picture courtesy: Nimo TV.
Try your best to be the best in NPL. Picture courtesy: Nimo TV.

Nimo TV operates in Southeast Asia and is known as Huya Live in China. It is known for hosting various Free Fire tournaments like Nimo All Stars and Elite Cup. Popular mobile games like PUBG mobile, Free Fire, Chess Rush among others, and computer games like Apex Legends, PUBG, Dota 2, CS:GO are streamed in this platform. If you are not a gamer, fret not, for you will not feel left out as you can get to know the art of video gaming while spectating your favourite players matches.

Nimo TV also showcases the talents of popular Indian PUBG mobile players like Viper, ReGaLTos, AMAN, and 8bitMAMBA.

Live Stream details

To watch the NPL 2020 LIVE, you can click here.

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