Among Us: New hack ruins the fun as Crewmates start using vents

(Image Credits: InnerSloth - Among Us)
(Image Credits: InnerSloth - Among Us)

With Among Us turned into one of the most popular online games to play in 2020, the flow of hackers and cheaters into the game has also seen a massive rise.

This time, the hackers have brought forward an innovative touch, allowing Crewmates in Among Us to use vents.

The globally recognized game based on deception and manipulation enables Impostors in the game to use vents to travel across rooms with ease or even hide after committing the heinous crime of murder. However, venting has its own set of drawbacks as anyone caught going into or coming out of a vent can be easily deduced to be an Impostor.

The hackers in Among Us have managed to hack the game in such a manner that allows Crewmates to use vents.

New Among Us hack ruins the fun for many players

As visible in the clip submitted by Redditor u/Big_Nate_on_juice on the r/AmongUs subreddit, we can see the gameplay from the Impostor's perspective where a Crewmate goes into the vent with the Impostor right in front of him.

(Image Credits: u/Big_Nate_on_juice)
(Image Credits: u/Big_Nate_on_juice)

Some users said that a hack like this would benefit the Impostor. Calling an emergency meeting against a Crewmate venting would mean that they get voted out if the Impostor could convince others that they saw the hacker venting.

Many were enraged at the fact that there are hackers, even in 'a simple game.' Redditor u/technicolored_dreams, who was infuriated by the hack, said:

"It is so infuriating to me that people want to cheat at such a simple game. Why the hell do you even play this game if you can't play by the rules? Cheating like this, and people who talk to each other outside the game and give away the whole thing, it just absolutely enrages me."

The saddest about it all remains that despite multiple hacks and cheats in Among Us, the game does not have a report option yet. The addition of an option that would allow players to report such hackers and eventually ban them is something that the community is desperately seeking as the hacks keep growing in Among Us.

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