Aspiring Call of Duty pro denies cheating accusations, gets caught when cheating menu shows up on stream

Aspiring Call of Duty professional caught cheating on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Aspiring Call of Duty professional caught cheating on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

Call of Duty streamer and aspiring professional Esports player "yyunggg" was recently caught using cheats during a live stream.

The situation was observed by notable figures from the community like Alan "Bricetacular" Brice and David "Dqvee" Davies. The situation was even reviewed on the Esports Talk show hosted by Jake Lucky. However, it seems that yyyunggg made a return to Twitch on the same day with another stream.

Lucky reported that the streamer created a new account on Twitter and is happy about the "free press" that he's receiving after being called out. The tweet from the aspiring Call of Duty pro's new Twitter account read,

"Got mad free press tonight, over 2k views overall ... some people even posted my gameplay online, Thanks for the shoutouts people! Really appreciate the help!"

Aspiring Call of Duty pro caught cheating on stream.

The Call of Duty streamer accidentally pulled up hacks on the screen when trying to access the task manager. The screen clearly showed the presence of wall-hacks, while many have speculated that the player was using aim-hacks. The user has since deleted their Twitch and Twitter accounts.

(Image via Esports Talk - Jake Lucky)
(Image via Esports Talk - Jake Lucky)

However, the streamer's reaction after getting called out was concerning. Hacks and cheats are the major cause behind most game-ruining experiences. An aspiring Call of Duty professional who chose to use hacks and continued doing so after being called-out could have adverse effects on the community.

Additionally, new players and other aspiring streamers witnessing someone use hacks without facing the consequences can also lead to a massive burst of malicious tools in Call of Duty.

There have been other streamers in the past who have been caught cheating and have been permanently banned.

Nonetheless, yyyunggg is yet to face the consequences for his actions. While Activision and Twitch figure out the appropriate response to this situation, the community should avoid cheaters and hack abusers in-game and on streaming platforms.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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