COD Mobile: New Shield Grenade, Martyrdom Perk and 90 FOV Slider are coming in Season 6

Shield Grenade is coming to COD in Season 6 (Image via YouTube@Hachwa)
Shield Grenade is coming to COD in Season 6 (Image via [email protected])
Avhinandan Chakraborty

COD Mobile has released a public test build for Season 6 and a lot of new content is gradually being revealed. The public test build is only for Android users as season after season Activision fails to deliver on the iOS front when it comes to early access to content.

Players must also keep in mind that the test server does not allow unlimited logins and only a handful get the chance to enter the early access server. The purpose behind the test server is to allow developers to review upcoming content and fix bugs and glitches, if any, before the launch of the final update.

COD Mobile Season 6 is still a whole two weeks away and players can expect a huge update along the way. The first day on the test server has given a glimpse at all the huge changes COD Mobile devs are finally bringing to the game.

FOV slider goes up to 90 now in COD Mobile

COD Mobile devs have brought in a landmark change by increasing the field of view to a maximum of 90. Players can now change the FOV according to their preference, inside the graphics settings.

More FOV allows for more areas to be captured from a single perspective view. This wider angle offers a more dynamic range, especially in Battle Royale. It will try to replicate peripheral vision from real-life, which should help with detecting enemies at a distance.

New red perk- Martyrdom

Martyrdom is coming to COD Mobile as a red perk. This perk will drop a live grenade after a person is killed. Veteran Call of Duty players are not alien to this perk at all. Call of Duty even has a counter perk for it and it is called Toss Back. Martrydom will be extremely helpful in Search and Destroy, as every kill counts in that mode.


New tactical grenade coming to COD Mobile- Shield Grenade


Test servers have also revealed a new tactical grenade is coming into the game. The Shield Grenade seems to form a plasma dome with a hollow inside in the area it is deployed. Players can move through it and bullets pass through it as well, but the line of sight is completely opaque. It might offer a huge tactical advantage for shielding from snipers at range.

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