CS2 devs reportedly ban over 300k accounts in new ban wave

CS2 devs reportedly ban over 300k accounts in new ban wave
CS2 devs ban accounts over bot farming (Image via YouTube/@LukeEats)

CS2 developers have reportedly suspended a lot of accounts related to bot farms in the game. Counter-Strike 2 has had a huge bot problem, and ever since VAC Live began ridding the game of hackers and cheaters, some bot farms have been wiped out too. However, that wasn't enough.

Now, in a new report from CS2 leaker, industry insider, and content creator Gabe Follower, Valve has taken down over 300,000 bot-farming accounts.

The number of active CS2 players began dwindling in late April 2024. Now, if this report is true, the game may see fewer players online but also fewer bots.

CS2 devs reportedly wipe out thousands of bot farm accounts in one fell swoop

Counter-Strike 2 has struggled with bot farm accounts for a long time, with players complaining about not being able to play deathmatches or other formats simply because too many non-player-controlled entities were in the game.

CS2 players have also reported being kicked out of games by these accounts. This is a big reason the developers took action against massive farms related to these entities.

These bot farms help one unlock new rewards. Thousands upon thousands of bot farm accounts play the game so that they can mine for keys and cases. These are then traded for real money and used or recycled for other skins in the game.

These accounts being wiped out by the developers would serve as an example for others to stop abusing the game and try to work on fair play.

Valve has recently been on a mission to remove hackers and cheaters of all kinds from the game. In fact, in recent history, VAC Live has reportedly suspended over 26,000 CS2 accounts suspected of cheating. This safety initiative for the players may explain the swift action against the bot farm.

Unfortunately for Gabe Follower, people utilizing bot farms were hurt enough for them to want to harm him. The insider also uploaded images of chats, where he was being discussed in a negative light after reporting bot farms being removed by the developers.

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