DPC Season 2: Standings and results from NA's Dota 2 league

The Dota 2 NA DPC League is organized by Beyond the Summit
The Dota 2 NA DPC League is organized by Beyond the Summit
Agnibesh Bandyopadhyay

After North America's strong showing at the season's first Dota 2 Major, the second season of the NA DPC League has concluded its first week of action.

The Singapore Major was won by China's Invictus Gaming. They beat North America's Evil Geniuses in the grand finals. Up until halfway through the final, EG looked unstoppable and destined to win NA's first Major.

But thanks to a fairytale comeback from Invictus, EG missed out on putting NA Dota 2 back on top. It will be interesting to see what changes EG and the rest of the NA teams make to improve upon their season 1 shortcomings.

The League Standings

Division 1

Image via Liquipedia
Image via Liquipedia

Every team in the NA DPC league has played one series of Dota 2 in the first week except 2 teams who have played 2 series each.

EG, 4Zoomers, Undying, and Quincy Crew are undefeated having played one, won one. Simply TOOBASED has played twice, losing once and winning once. Black N Yellow and PentAce have lost their opening series while The Cut has lost both series they played in the first week.

EG, Quincy Crew, and Undying stomped their games against The Cut, Simply TOOBASED and The Cut again respectively. Simply TOOBASED and Black N Yellow played the only series that went to a 3rd game with ST winning 2-1.

4Zoomers' comeback win in game 2 against PentAce was the most exciting game of the week as 4Z overcame a 13.7k net worth deficit to win the game.

EG also pulled off a surprise Pudge pick against The Cut in what seemed like the hero's first appearance in a pro game in years.

Division 2

Image via Liquipedia
Image via Liquipedia

Division 2 is usually where we can see more crazy Dota 2 action. The teams are much more unpolished in comparison to the upper division teams and thus games are usually more drawn out.

But the first week of season 2 saw very one-sided Dota 2 action. Only 5 Man Midas and Pencado's series went to 3 games while every other series ended 2-0.

Dota 2 Hustlers lead the division with a 2-0 record getting comfortable wins over Wind & Rain and Felt. Arkosh, Dogchamp and Pecado sit at 1-0. 5 Man Midas, Electronic Boys, and Wind & Rain have lost their opening series and are at 0-1. Felt is at the bottom of the league, sitting at 0-2.

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Closing Notes about the Dota 2 action

Puck continues to be the most contested hero in both divisions with the hero being picked or banned 11 times in each division for a combined total of 22.

Warlock was the biggest surprise of the week as the hero has a 7-0 record in the upper division and is the most picked hero across both divisions having been picked 10 times.

The latest Dota 2 patch didn't seem to change the meta by much as the old heroes continue to be picked. Huskar, the most broken hero of the patch, remained unused in both divisions.

The second week of action begins today. You can watch it on Beyond the Summit's Twitch channel.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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