Dune Awakening announced at The Game Awards 2022

Dune Awakening revealed at TGA 2022 (Image via wall.alphacoders.com)
Dune Awakening revealed at TGA 2022 (Image via Funcom)

The Game Awards 2022 revealed Dune Awakening, the latest installment in a storied franchise. Expected to be an open world survival MMO game, the new development engine makes the colors stand out, blowing away audiences. The unique pallet teased a moody look that precisely mirrored the movie's aesthetic.

The teaser opens with a sandstorm creeping over a desert on Arrakis, slowly moving on to show the ruins left behind. People surviving and co-existing there come into focus while the narrator unpacks the horror that consumes the land.

The camera pans to the scenic landscape and ominous-looking test sites before diving into the spice. Then audiences were served a brilliant battle sequence with explosive ammunition and glorious music. The overall feeling conveyed by the trailer was cinematic and anticipation-building.

Inspired by Frank Herbert's sci-fi novel, Dune Awakening pictures a massive world-building based on the fictional planet Arrakis bringing forth a post-apocalyptic wasteland that was once used to conduct research and as testing sites for scientists.

Players choose to play with one of the many factions. This gives bonuses as you navigate through the game and execute various strategies. Otherworldly creatures and foreign threats, such as sandworms and hostile mobs, are a constant danger to the survival of every clan. It is expected that the new game will feature more vicious enemies. Of course, the classic worm will always be there to haunt the residents of the mysterious world.

Funcom reveals their in-engine look at Dune Awakening

A still from the trailer of Dune Awakening (Image via Funcom)
A still from the trailer of Dune Awakening (Image via Funcom)

With Dune Awakening, you will embark on a journey to understand spice like never before. The most valuable resource in the Dune universe, the spice, has inexplicable effects on creatures, space, and matter. Consuming large quantities of spice is said to have narcotic effects on the user and expands areas of the mind, allowing magnified sensory perceptions. Ingested regularly, the spice can also increase life expectancy, grant abilities, and much more.

It seems that the vast world of Arrakis will be open to all-out explorations. In an early trailer featuring Paul Atreides, we got a brief view of what to expect in the upcoming years. With a glimpse of his "Eyes of Ibad," we can assume that he has become a Freeman. This is extremely exciting as the story might reach dramatic heights following this premise.

Paul Atreides from Dune Awakening (Image via Funcom)
Paul Atreides from Dune Awakening (Image via Funcom)

Dune is extremely popular in the community, as the title has accrued an instantaneous fan following since its original release. Any news from the franchise is always greeted with jubilation as fans are eager to consume more of this content. TGA 2022 finally provided much-needed insight into the new game. This will likely keep the player base entertained and engaging with the older titles before the new one replaces them.

The new open-world survival MMO dynamics will likely amplify the experience of engaging with the title. The visuals promise a massive game and will probably require a stacked system. The audio, so far, sounds phenomenal and will be a fantastic addition to all the new explorations. You can expect more in-depth coverage of this game on Sportskeeda when it is launched.

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