Ex-Fortnite Pro TSM Myth: Where is he now? 

Image Credit: Dexerto
Image Credit: Dexerto

In the second half of 2017, Ali Kabbani - more commonly know as TSM Myth, exploded onto the gaming scene, with the remarkable building skills featured on his Fortnite. Gradually though, he began fading out of the streamer spotlight, and decided to quit professonal gaming altogether.

Myth began his streaming career playing Epic's first big title before Fortnite. When Fortnite dropped, he was on the first streamers to really make it his own. He was on top the leaderboards for wins in no time, and that was when his popularity really took off.

Myth was one of the first streamers to showcase what could be done with proper building skills in Fortnite. He was touted as one of the best, if not the best, builder in the game. He was one of the pioneers of the "turbo building" strategy that we see in so many streams today.

Ex-Fortnite Pro TSM Myth: Where is he now? 

In January of 2018, he signed with TSM, and understandably took some of the spotlight off Ninja, who at the time, was the most popular Fortnite streamer in the world. He quickly became the TSM team captain, and moved into the TSM house with the other popular streamers like Daequan and Hamlinz.

In his first major tournament - Ninja Vegas, Myth's play did not live up to the hype, and questions began to rise about his skills within the Fortnite community.

His substandard displays would continue throughout the year in several Fortnite tournaments, often seen putting up mediocre performances at major events, until the Fortnite World Cup in 2019. Even though he was still considered to be one of the best players in the world, the World Cup seemed like his last shot to prove his doubters wrong.

He placed 43rd overall in the World Cup, which by his prior standards, was not bad at all. However, it wasn't anywhere near the expected level. Upon losing several more notable matches to SypherPK and other top players, Myth announced, in March of this year, that Fortnite would no longer be his main game, essentially stepping down as a professional player.

After making the switch and taking away the competitive aspect away, Myth became much more personable in his streams. In April, he began to primarily stream Valorant, and although he did rank up quite quickly, he has yet to become a professional of the game.

He has also hit new personal records on his streams since taking the step down. Myth recently streamed with once arch rival Ninja, and it's obvious that the gaming community is finally rooting for him. Things are looking up for the once famed "best builder in the world" once again.

Myth's Tweet of Ninja commentating their stream
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