Fall Guys Maintenance Break: Server down for final changes before Season 2 arrives

(Image Credits: Eurogamer)
(Image Credits: Eurogamer)

It has been more than 30 minutes since the Fall Guys Server Owl tweeted that matchmaking will be unavailable, as they make the final changes before season 2 officially comes out.

Fall Guys' season 2 update is coming!

Since the servers went down, fans have been flocking to twitter in anticipation of season 2. Some fans though, seem displeased at the developers' decision to take matchmaking down.

While other fans are disappointed at having been cut off their games midway.

However, in spite of the fans' disappointment, it remains to be seen whether the developers will get the servers back up in order to allow players who were so close to completing the battle pass, some added time.

The changes coming to season 2

Earlier in the week, in an interview with IGN, representatives from the dev team, including Joe Walsh - lead game designer at Mediatonic, announced the changes that were coming to season 2.

The new additions in season 2 includes a new character, Thicc Bonkus

The much requested randomise character and cosmetics option is going to be added as well.

Also, a whole new level has been designed by the developers, to specifically make things harder for players who breezed through the season 1 of Fall Guys, called Knight Fever

With all these changes lined up for season 2, it would only seem logical from the developers' perspective to test everything out before rolling it out to everyone.

When will the server be back up again?

Going by the earlier releases, the season 2 update is supposed to come out on 8th October 2020, and if we are to believe the words of the Fall Guys Server Owl, then the game servers could be up as soon as within a couple of hours.

For now, there's not much we can do apart from wait for the official announcement from Fall Guys, about either the servers coming back up, or Season 2 being released.

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Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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