FaZe Clan layoffs 2024: List of members laid off so far

FaZe clan has once again laid members off their roster (Image via DramaAlert/X)
FaZe Clan has once again laid members off their roster (Image via DramaAlert/X)

Prominent gaming organization FaZe has once again laid off a significant number of members as details emerge on X from the group itself. The organization did the same twice in 2023, with economic uncertainty being cited as the reason behind the change at the time.

Six members were laid off today, April 27. FaZe Banks has been overhauling the organization for months, with multiple content creators and esports professionals leaving or being fired since December 2023. Here is the full list of people who've departed the group since December as shared by the company in its latest post on X captioned, "CTRL+ALT+DEL":

  • Blaze
  • Booya
  • Cbass
  • Cizzorz
  • Faxuty
  • Flea
  • H1ghSky1
  • Kale1
  • Nate_Hill
  • Nio
  • Proze
  • Santana
  • Sway
  • Testy

Note: This list was derived from FaZe's latest post. Individuals such as Flea, H1ighsky1, Kale1, Nate Hill, Proze, and Replays have not acknowledged leaving the organization.

Lucas "Blaze," who exited FaZe on April 27, has offered his thoughts on being let go from the organization in a video on YouTube.

FaZe Clan reveals its remaining roster as veterans like Blaze leave after layoffs

11 seconds into the video above, a list of names can be seen on the right, indicating these were the individuals who were let go. A second later, the names of people that remain in the organization are shown. This list includes:

  • Adapt
  • Apex
  • Banks
  • Jev
  • Kaysan
  • Nickmercs
  • Replays
  • Ronaldo
  • Rug
  • Scope
  • Swagg
  • Temperrr
  • YourRage
  • Zooma

Note: This list was derived from FaZe's post as well.

In Blaze's YouTube video, he mentioned how he had received a call from fellow members, Temperrr — also known as Tommy — and Apex. He stated that while he was shocked to have received the news, he had been informed about his potential exit some time prior. He stated:

"Now, I know that this may come as a massive shock to a lot of you guys. Um, maybe not so much, who knows?... I actually found out that I was going to leave FaZe, or get kicked from FaZe, I guess, two months ago. And when I first found out I was really really sad."

He then mentioned the reason he continued to have "positivity" despite the "devastating" news. He announced that his company, Charged, had been picked up by Walmart. This is a caffeinated chocolate brand. He said:

"But god's timing is insane. I didn't even have a full day to process the news that I am no longer in FaZe, which was devastating, and I received the literal best news of my life.... At the end of last year I launched a brand, it's called Charged chocolate... we had a really successful launch, so successful in fact, that we just signed a deal with Walmart to sell our product, Charged, exclusively for six months."

He went on to thank the clan, saying:

"Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you letting me be a part of your life. And I genuinely wish you, all of the guys, the original ownership of FaZe, happiness and satisfaction with this brand. I hope you guys make it everything that you guys want it to be now."

Major organizations often suffer layoffs due to financial reasons, with even Twitch having to make a drastic change in January 2024, laying off nearly 500 employees for economic reasons.

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Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh
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