Fnatic Paritosh: PUBG Mobile inspiration, career turning point, favourite teammate, and more

Paritosh "Paritosh" Sharma
Paritosh "Paritosh" Sharma

Paritosh 'Paritosh' Sharma is a professional PUBG Mobile player who currently plays for the Mobile Division of Fnatic.

The 19-year-old from Kota, Rajasthan, acts as an assaulter for the team. He is also active on several social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, by the name Paritosh Plays.

In an exclusive chat, Paritosh shares his competitive gaming experiences with Sportskeeda.

Q: Other than gaming, how were you in your studies?

A: I was an average student during my school days, but somehow ended up following my passion for gaming.

Q: How was your family support initially when you started gaming?

A: My family has always been supportive and has helped me in every endeavor. The same is true for gaming.

Q: How did you start your career in competitive PUBG Mobile gaming?

A: I was a casual player back then. I began my gaming career with Scout in my first professional lineup, R4W. After that, I switched a lot of teams in order to find that one 'perfect' team.

We formed a team called Team X, that was sponsored by Fnatic later.

Q: Who is your favourite teammate, and why?

A: Owais is my favourite teammate as he helps me a lot with my game. He is also an outstanding in-game Leader (IGL).

Q: What was the Turning point of your career?

A: The turning point of my career was the day I changed my in-game name to Fnatic Paritosh. That was the time when a lot of opportunities started coming my way.

Q: The best tip that you would like to share with an underdog who wants to enter competitive gaming?

A: The one piece of advice that I want to share with underdogs is to have a close relationship with struggle and pain.

Q: How has been your journey from XSpark to Fnatic?

A: The journey was full of ups and downs, and eventually turned out to be a dream come true for me.

Q: What do you love the most in Team Fnatic?

A: The atmosphere in Team Fnatic has always been family-like, which I admire the most.

Q: Who is your inspiration in PUBG Mobile?

A: Without a doubt, I can say Paraboy from Nova Esports is my inspiration in PUBG Mobile.

Q: What are your plans as a competitive gamer and as a content creator?

A: I will keep all options open to me as of now, and consider doing both in the foreseeable future.


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