Fortnite: Arsenal LTM Guide

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite has a variety of interesting limited time modes for players to try. The currently available LTM is Arsenal, a game mode that tasks players with beating opponents with ever weaker guns. The first player to score a kill with the weakest gun in the game wins.

Fortnite Arsenal LTM Gameplay

The biggest difference is that this game mode is not a variant on the main Battle Royale game mode and is a bit more like a deathmatch. That means that respawns are on and the game goes until someone achieves the end goal, which takes 50 eliminations overall. Therefore, unlike your usual game of Fortnite, this game mode is going to be all about aggression rather than survival.

Every elimination you score gets you one step closer to victory, while every death only sets you back a short while. Likewise, the game doesn’t care if your final elimination is on the highest ranked or lowest ranked player in the lobby, so attacking anyone near you is going to be a better strategy than attempting to target the best player in the lobby.

Fortnite Arsenal LTM - Offense

In a typical game of Fortnite, offense is well balanced against defense. Defense will take you far in the game, but you need a strong offense to actually win. For the Fortnite LTM Arsenal, however, defense offers little to players except maybe a few seconds more on each life.

While you won’t want to completely discard your defensive fundamentals, you’re really going to want to rely on target selection and shot placement. For choosing a target, consider that the better the weapon a player has, the worse off they are. Knowing the cycle of weapons means that you can know who is struggling to advance.

However, one thing to remember with this strategy is that any player you engage with who is behind you on the scoreboard will have a statistical advantage in a 1v1.

Fortnite Arsenal LTM - Defense

The major consideration in adapting your defensive play in this Fortnite LTM is considering how much defense you want to keep. Towering up and hoping people come to you is probably going to be too defensive, while running uncovered through an open field will probably result only in getting shot.

Instead, defense should be limited to positioning yourself to get a clean shot and avoid 50/50 scenarios. The more eliminations you can score without being eliminated yourself, the quicker you’ll be able to climb the score board.

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