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Fortnite books locations: Where to find and collect books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands

All Fortnite book locations in Season 5
All Fortnite book locations in Season 5
Tee Kay
Modified 17 Jan 2021

Players might require some assistance in their pursuit of going through all six Fortnite books locations as a quest in Season five for Ragnarok, the Viking Warrior.

These six books are available across Fortnite's island. However, finding all the Fortnite books locations without help can be extremely difficult even for seasoned veterans.

According to Ragnarok, finding all six of these books will provide players with information regarding Chuggus' activities. Additionally, finding all six books in Fortnite can be an exciting quest for players to indulge in.

All Fortnite books' location in Chapter 2 - Season 5

Of the six books available for players to find in Fortnite, three are available in Holly Hedges, while the other three can be found in Sweaty Sands. The Fortnite books locations are:

Holly Hedges

  • One book can be found near the fireplace on the left, which is inside the tall yellow Victorian building. This building can be found on the eastern side of the town.
  • Another book can be found inside the house with two garage doors. The book can be found lying near the window in one of the rooms towards the back of the house.
  • The final book in Holly Hedges can be found next to a bookshelf inside the yellow house in the region.

Sweaty Sands

  • The first book in Sweaty Sands can be found next to the kitchen counter inside the multicolored house. It is the green, brown, stone, and yellow-colored building located towards Sweaty Sands' southwestern region.
  • The second book can be found inside the "big apartment" located in Sweaty Sands' eastern region. Players can find the book lying in front of a bookshelf inside what appears to be a mailroom.
  • The sixth book for the quest can be found inside the small house located opposite the aforementioned "big apartment." Players can find the final book on the bookshelf inside this small house.

Going through all six of these locations in a single game of Fortnite can require a bit of luck. However, players can easily collect all six books in two games. After going through all the six Fortnite books locations, players will learn about Chuggus' current activities in the Fortnite universe.

Published 17 Jan 2021, 20:34 IST
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