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Fortnite: Bugha Throwback Cup round 2 results, leaderboards released

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 01 Aug 2020, 09:15 IST

Round two of the Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup has completed, and the server and player results are out. Here’s a quick rundown of which servers and players are the best at Fortnite, and a quick report on how last year’s champion, Bugha, did in his own cup.

Bugha’s results

All eyes were on Bugha during round two, as the 99 best players on the North America East server qualified for a chance to run up against the reigning champ. However, this tournament Bugha only managed to rank 28th, with 133 total tournament points, 1.83 average eliminations, and an unfortunately low average place of 52.33. 

First place in the North America East tournament went to NRG Clix instead, who had the best average eliminations and placement in the whole server despite placing first in 0 actual game, and will be taking home $8,750 for his effort.

Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup Results - Info

These numbers come from the second round of a two day solos tournament. Each server had the 100 (99 for North America East) best Fortnite players qualify for the second round play 6 games together, with the top 10 players from each server earning prize money.


As a result, the server averages will be limited only to the top 10 of each server so that we can better see how each server’s best players compare with one another.

Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup Results - Points

North America East’s NRG Clix also managed the highest point total in the tournament with an impressive 325 by the end of the day. The highest top 10 server average, however, belongs to the Middle East server which averaged 261.1 across its top 10 Fortnite players. This was a few points higher than the average of all top 10s together at 241.36, with the lowest server top 10 belong to North America West with just 226.6.

Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup Results - Eliminations

Eliminations show us which players are the deadliest in the game, and which servers have the deadliest environment to play in. The player with the highest average eliminations in this tournament belonged to the North America West server, daddy dfavs, who took that server’s first place prize with a 4 eliminations on average in each game.

However, the deadliest server was taken by the Middle Eastern server, with its top 10 players having a combined 2.26 eliminations on average among its top 10 players, compared to the server wide average of 2.04. The least deadly server goes to Asia with just 1.77 eliminations on average amongst their top 10 Fortnite players.

One thing to note is that, because the round of tournaments featured the same 100 players for each game, and because the players in question are so skilled, it makes sense for the eliminations to end up more evenly spread amongst all of the players.

Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup Results - Placement

The last thing to look at is average placement in these games in order to see who was the best at making it to the very end of the game and which servers relied more on high placements over all. In this case, 50 50 Wiz Az2m over on the Middle East server had the best average placement at 9.33 while the server as a whole was also the most highly placed overall at a top 10 average of 19.55.

Across all server’s top 10 Fortnite players, players placed on average at 21.73rd place, with the worst placed top 10s going to the European server who averaged 23.42nd.

Fortnite Bugha Throwback Cup Wrapup

Overall this tournament had a very strong showing from the top 10 Fortntie players on the Middle Eastern server, taking highest average points, eliminations, and best average placement.

NRG Clix also had a great tournament showing, managing to have the most tournament points and take first place on the server with Bugha in it. It might be a little too soon to say whether or not NRG Clix is the current best Fortnite player around, but he’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

And lastly, although it’s not a category I usually look into, during analysis I noticed that only two players managed to win more than one game. For the Middle East, that was ASMR Spy who came in third place on that server (and missed a game as well!) and North America East’s OA Whofishy who managed 5th place on that server, both of them with 2 wins under their belts.

Published 01 Aug 2020, 09:15 IST
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