Fortnite cancels tomorrow’s LTM tournament in observance of Martin Luther King Day

(Image via Epic Games) Epic has chosen to cancel an upcoming tournament in observance of Martin Luther King Day
(Image via Epic Games) Epic has chosen to cancel an upcoming tournament in observance of Martin Luther King Day

The upcoming Fortnite LTM tournament scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled in observance for Martin Luther King Day.

Whether it was initially scheduled by mistake, or if recent events have made Epic Games reconsider running an event on such a day is unknown. LTM tournaments are ways for Fortnite to run more obscure or niche events that go outside the traditional competitive atmosphere.

Fortnite takes time off for Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day is an honorary holiday that has become increasingly relevant in today’s America.

Americans often learn about Martin Luther King Jr. in grade school, but few ever fully come to realize the important role he played in healing a divided America.

Tragically, Dr. King was struck down in 1968 before his influence could lead to the kind of change he had hoped to see in America.

While it’s tempting to think of Dr. King and the work he did as part of the Civil Rights Movement as battles fought in the past, the truth is that the work he contributed to was a part of a long and arduous fight for equality in America that continues to this day.

This sentiment has become ever more apparent as of late, which is perhaps why Fortnite has chosen this year to take this important day more seriously.

Competitive Fortnite events will resume shortly after

The competitive schedule for Fortnite Season 5 will continue following Martin Luther King Day. This season has seen some shake-ups in competitive Fortnite, partly due to Epic’s decision to cut support to its competitive scene.

Fortnite players will have a series of low-stakes competitive tournaments to compete in this season, including one platform separated and one cross-platform battle royale event.

In addition to these traditional formats, Fortnite will host a series of LTM tournaments that promise to mix the rules up a bit. Other tournaments and events will be introduced whenever Epic chooses to.

Overall, this season will have the flattest competitive landscape in a while. Many competitive Fortnite players have already voiced their disapproval with Epic’s decision to cut off the competitive scene, with one previous champion choosing to retire from the game completely.

It’s unknown how many other players will follow this route, but if players aren’t able to see a competitive Fortnite future, few will likely stick around.

Edited by Alex Turk
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