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Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 Season 5 Qualifier 1 results and stats breakdown

(Image via Epic Games) Clix, Bugha, and Bizzle dominated their server
(Image via Epic Games) Clix, Bugha, and Bizzle dominated their server's qualifier
Modified 17 Feb 2021

The first qualifier from the Fortnite Champion Series for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has concluded, and the final statistics for the various teams have been posted on

This season’s Fortnite Champion Series is being run as a trios tournament, making team cohesion a major part of how these teams perform. The stats from the first qualifier already show that teams compete very differently from solos, in part by playing at a much more consistent level.

Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier 1 results

The top ten teams from each qualifier will advance to their server’s Fortnite Champion Series final, and their team will no longer be allowed to participate in future qualifiers. With seven regions, ten teams, and three players per team, that means that 210 players have already qualified for the second round of events for the Fortnite Champion Series.

While each one of these 210 players should be proud of their accomplishment, with limited time, it’s best to focus on the top performing teams of each region. This tournament in particular, due to the change to being a team event, seems to have made the teams play at a much more consistent level.

In previous Fortnite Champion Series events, there was a lot more variability in the top performing slots. In particular, the player with the most tournament points might not have been the one who placed the best or scored the most eliminations.

However, in this Fortnite Champion Series, every team that earned the highest tournament points also had the highest average placement and highest average eliminations, with a single exception.

From this data, we can guess that the team format has effectively allowed these professional Fortnite teams to avoid a lot of the randomness and variability that comes with playing a solos event.

Top Fortnite players by region


The top performing teams and their points for each region are:

  • Asia - CRRRRRRRRRRRRRIZ, Rid WildHawk ゆ機, Riddle Rimr.iwnl, 171 points
  • Oceania - Agent Sorif, spg bercanvolx, syncyfishy, 161 points
  • Middle East - Falcon Snowaldo, Falcon Νm7, Falcon Rv, 150 points
  • Europe - GUILD Hеп, WAVE JannisZ, oogway 74, 189 points
  • Brazil - ꓘurtz, Frosтy.iwnl, redlee the beast, 196 points
  • North America East - NRG СІіх, SEN BUGHA 父, FаZe Bizzle, 208 points
  • North America West - daddy favsqu, CLG JASON, w4v3yjacob, 200 points

Every one of these teams also held their server’s record for highest average placement across the six matches of their respective qualifier’s finals, and all but the Oceania team took their server’s highest average eliminations.

In effect, six of the seven winning teams each scored the best along all metrics, with no room for other teams to outperform them. This suggests that qualified teams are going to want to study the top team for their regions in order to figure out how to counter their strategies, or else the top teams could run away with the tournament as a whole.

While this is good for the top performing teams, as it means they have a reasonable path towards total victory in the finals, it does mean that everyone else will have to put in that much more work if they expect to have a shot at the finals.

For some of these qualifiers, the second place teams were as much as 50 points lower than the top scoring team, suggesting that there’s a long road ahead for most players.

Comparing the best to the best

Among these teams, there is one team in particular that stands out amongst the rest. North America East’s team featuring Clix, Bugha, and Bizzle managed to score the most points of any team in the first qualifier, taking an impressive 208 points.


No other team was quite so dominant in their pool of qualifiers, though it’s often difficult to say whether or not a dominant team on one server would have had the same performance on another.

However, the North America East server has consistently been one of the more competitive servers, especially for solos, often ranking just behind the European servers, so it’s likely that their performance wasn’t merely the result of an uncompetitive environment.

Clix, Bugha, and Bizzle had both the highest total points earned and the highest average placement across all Fortnite servers, placing in the top 4.33 spots across the final round of the qualifiers.

The only accolade not achieved by them was the highest average eliminations across all servers. For the Brazillian server, ꓘurtz, Frosтy and redlee the beast were able to achieve an average of 7.67 eliminations in their qualifier finals, almost a full point higher than the North America East team’s average eliminations.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 00:06 IST
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