Fortnite: Moqii Zoldyck becomes world’s first female Fortnite pro to take 1st place at an official event!

(Image Credit: @MoqiiZK)
(Image Credit: @MoqiiZK)

Competitive Fortnite is fierce. With tournaments that feature tens of thousands of entries, in games that have 100 players a piece, the fight to take first place is a difficult and hard fought process. Earlier today, in the second Fortnite Champion Series PC Qualifier tournament’s first round, Moqii managed to claim the top spot over everyone else.

Fortnite Champion Series 2nd EU Server PC Qualifier Round 1

Each Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier is broken down into three rounds, almost like mini tournaments themselves, in order to handle the vast quantity of players attempting to compete. Yesterday the first qualifier completed, and today the second one is being held.

The European server is also widely held as one of the most competitive Fortnite servers around, with the highest population of competitive players, multiple pro Fortnite teams each headquartered in Europe, and the server with the largest prize pools to fight over. Therefore, anyone who can rise to the top in this environment has a strong basis to claim being one of the best players in the world.

For the first time ever, the person at the top of the tournament's bracket was a woman, in this case Moqii Zoldyck. Coming in from Swedan, she won the first round of this tournament with 94 points, 3 match wins, and 6.14 average eliminations, and placing on average in the top 26.57.

How does Moqii stack up to her competition?

To understand Moqii’s performance, here’s how she compared to the top 100 players on the European server in that same round.

Amongst the top 100, she is one of five players who can claim to have won 3 out of 7 of their games for a five way tie for most wins. The top 100 players’ average eliminations ended up at 3.83, a few points lower than Moqii’s 6.14, and almost half as much as the player with highest average eliminations with Atlantis LxTsHe managing an average of 8.4.

However, one of the most interesting things is that, despite winning 3 of her games, Moqii’s average place was only in the top 26.57. This implies that her playstyle relies much more on aggression and high risk-high reward plays, meaning that Moqii likely isn’t content to simply sit back and coast her way to the top. For comparison, the 100th ranked player, Ethan, had the highest average placement, managing to place in the top 6.2 in each of their matches.

However, this player only managed to win a single game, and had just 2.6 eliminations on average.

We can see how Moqii managed to earn the top spot in this Fortnite tournament. The numbers suggest a playstyle more concerned with winning each individual fight, rather than trying to game the tournament’s rules in order to place well. Moqii earned her spot one fight at a time, and it paid off.

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