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1,087,223 Free Fire accounts banned for cheating in the last two weeks

Free Fire
Free Fire
Modified 21 Dec 2020, 00:23 IST

In the last two weeks, Free Fire has banned over 1.08 million accounts for using various cheats.

Mobile Gaming titles have gotten tremendous success over the last year. During the COVID-19 pandemic, gamers and regular people alike have turned towards mobile titles as a source of entertainment.

Free Fire, published by Garena, has been the top dog when it comes to mobile gaming with its player-base multiplying with each passing day.

However, as the player-base of the game increases, the number of people cheating to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors has also increased. Hackers have been using multiple third-party software to alter the game's functionality. This practice proves to be pretty harmful to regular players who play to have fun.

It also puts a dent in the competitive integrity and fairness of the game. Developers of Free-Fire are doubling down on the people who are using these hacks. Bi-weekly reports regarding the bans are being published by Garena.

In the last two weeks, the developers have banned a total of 1,087,223 accounts for using various cheats. According to Free Fire, 48% of the cheaters were banned due to reports from fellow players.

Free Fire bans over 1.08 million cheaters in the last two weeks

Following up on the previous bi-weekly report, Free Fire developers explained the various methods used by the cheaters to gain an unfair advantage in the game. The most used cheats included Auto Aim and Teleporting with 43% and 39% being banned for using such cheats.

Additionally, Free Fire also punished 48,390 player accounts for intentionally teaming up with cheaters. Earlier, in last week's report, the developers had warned the players against teaming up with players who cheat or use applications that alter game files.


Free Fire mentioned that they had updated their anti-hack measures to prevent new hacks from surfacing. They also said that they had patched up potential loopholes that the hackers could exploit.

A break-up of the banned Free-Fire accounts:

⦁ Auto Aim -43%

⦁ Teleport -39%

⦁ Through Wall -11%

⦁ Antenna -1%

⦁ Other Hacks -6%

Free Fire also mentioned that they stood with their players in a fight for fair play and to maintain the competitive integrity of the game. In the last bi-weekly report Free Fire had banned over 1.3 million accounts. This takes the toll of the number of banned accounts to over 2.3 million in just the last 28 days.

Published 21 Dec 2020, 00:23 IST
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