Free Fire: Vasiyo CRJ7's reason behind Total Gaming exit, best friend, controversies, and more

Vasiyo CRJ7 Exclusive Interview
Vasiyo CRJ7 Exclusive Interview
Ajay Assudani
Modified 07 Jan 2021

Vasiyo CRJ7, aka Vatsal Garasia, is one of the best esports players in the country's Free Fire competitive scene. He is a content creator with 278K subscribers on his Youtube channel and is also ever-present on Instagram.

The 22-year old esports icon from Gujarat was earlier a part of Total Gaming Esports but left the team recently. In this exclusive piece, he shares insights into his personal and professional life with Sportskeeda.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation that Vasiyo CRJ7 had with Ajay Assudani.

Free Fire: Vasiyo CRJ7 bares all in exclusive Interview

Q. How has the quarantine period been for you so far?

A. The life of a gamer will never be affected. All we want is a device, charger, and some food to survive on. I missed visiting my friends and going out on weekends and I also missed a chance to represent my country at a World Series LAN event, as I had to do it online.

Q. How was support from your family like when you initially started gaming?

A. Earlier, my parents would always say, "you are always playing the game and where will it lead you." But later, when I entered esports and started earning and getting recognization, they all started showing support towards my gaming venture.

In a short span of time, they realized my potential in it, as I proved myself in the first tournament itself, where I went to Indonesia with TSG Army - my team at that time.

Q. What did you do in your school days?

A. I was a student who was really committed up to class 10, but in the higher secondary classes, when I met new mates, it turned out I was an average student, and that influenced my performance. Otherwise, everything went well. I also used to play cricket with my school team during those days.

Q. How do you feel about being one of the best freefire esports competitive players in the country?

A. Of course, I feel amazing when I'm praised by my audience and the major icons from the community, but I haven't accomplished one of my main achievements. I won't consider myself the best until I get the champions title at the World Series for my country.

Q. What is the reason behind leaving “Total Gaming”?

A. I don't have a specific reason for leaving Total Gaming Esports, but my prime focus changed towards creating my own team - a team that has synergy, along with the goal to win the World Series for India, which I did not want to get distracted from.

Q. What was the turning point of your career?

A. The starting and turning point were almost the same, and it was the first event I playedm named "Asia Invitational." My competitive career started from there and the growth has been consistent till now. That's what gave me the initial boost.

Q. Who is your best friend in the Freefire Community & Why?

A. Fozy Ajay is like my brother, as I have been playing with him since the start.

Q. Who would you be doing if not gaming?

A. If not gaming, I would have been studying to become a doctor.

Q. What is your favorite Free Fire moment of all time?

A. I managed to Booyah solo against two other squads in a tournament, and that was my favorite moment.

Q. What question do fans ask you the most & what is its answer?

A. Most of them ask me how they can enter the Free Fire esports scenario, and the answer is this:

Firstly, understand your own role and then try to form your own team, and start practicing with them on daily basis. Slowly, things will start falling in place, in the form of team synergy, coordination, understanding and gunpower. In this way, you will eventually achieve the desired breakthrough.

Q. Which controversy you regret having & why?

A. I haven't been into any controvery as such, but I can remember one instance when we were representing India as TSG Army in 2019 In Jakarta, Indonesia.

As it was our first LAN event at that stage, we were not able to show a good level of gameplay. At that time, many YouTubers created hate videos about us, and we felt really bad, as there was hatred towards our team from all over the social media platforms.

I always wanted to respond to them using our gameplay. I took it as a motivation to represent India, and I did it at Asia All-Stars for team Mafias, and managed to place third.

Q. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

A. In the next five years, if I am playing Free Fire esports, I need to accomplish my goal of winning the World Series. I am aware that I might be only able to play for the next 2-3 years as new talents will come up and showcase new skills. After that, I might shift to PC gaming and continue streaming games. 

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Published 07 Jan 2021
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