GamerFleet's challenging family story, passion for gaming, reason for switch to Minecraft streaming, and more

GamerFleet talks about his early life and his journey in gaming
GamerFleet talks about his early life and his journey in gaming

Hailing from a small town in Uttarakhand and belonging to a lower-middle-class family, choosing gaming as a full-time career option was not an easy option for me.

I had a passion for gaming since my teens. However, I explored my passion for being a gamer only after I finished college in 2017. Here's everything you'd like to read about Anshu "GamerFleet" Bisht.

Free internet fueled my passion to enter the world of YouTube Gaming

While I did have the fire to be a gamer and gaming content creator, it got further fueled when 'Jio came out and launched "free internet" in India. It all started with consuming gaming content on YouTube, and I did that day and night.

I realized that I wanted to be a gaming YouTuber after watching the gaming videos of Hemant_t & PewDiePie. However, I did not have a PC back then, and neither could I demand my dad to get me a PC to play.

He earned around 10K-15K per month, and I did not want to burden him with my demands. I choose to make money myself to buy a PC. I started giving home-tuitions to elementary school children in my town. Within six months, I saved some money and then bought a second-hand PC for around 6K.

I didn't wait for a day after that and soon started to record, edit, and upload my gameplay videos. I was just too excited to upload more of my gameplay videos, but then came the biggest blow, Jio had stopped giving free internet service.

I was disappointed initially, but then I figured out a way — a"mall." I started visiting a nearby mall every time I wanted to upload a new video on my channel (yes, for their great WiFi). I made and uploaded lots of videos, but nothing seemed to work.

How I got into streaming

When Fortnite came in in 2017, I was surprised to see how people were going ga-ga over it, and many gamers grew massively after they streamed this game. Ninja was one of the gamers who grew crazily after this game came in.

Witnessing this growth, I thought of streaming too. But, alas! Neither did I have a great PC and nor internet for it. However, I did have a great sister, who agreed to get better and faster internet at home, which was an expensive deal.

I was guilty that my sister was paying the huge bills for me to stream, and then I re-started giving home tuition to kids and earned enough to afford the internet.

While Fortnite did help me scale a bit, it was PUBG Mobile's Custom Rooms that helped me leverage my channel back then. I used to play from 11 AM to 5 PM and then provide home tuitions from 5 PM to 9 PM.

GamerFleet's family story

Explaining gaming as a career to my parents was the biggest challenge. They had no idea what YouTube or gaming is. Hence, it was harder for them to understand how gaming can be a full-time career that pays.

I come from a family where education had to be my top priority because my parents wanted to give me all that they never had. It was very tough for me to make them understand how YouTube and gaming could help me earn.

With each passing day, my family started noticing me playing more than ever. They had expected me to take up traditional career options and suggested that I start looking for a job/work.

I joined a company in my town and worked 18 to 20 hours some days. With time, I realized this is not where I belong, and I had to move to Delhi and work there. I had high hopes for working in the capital, but everything shattered when I could neither save a penny nor work towards my passion — gaming.

2020 helped me reach where I am

Locked up at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, I resumed grinding my YouTube channel. One night, things got interesting and exciting when I noticed that my live stream watching increased continuously.

I realized it was a raid by Samay Raina. After this incident, I met him, and we played a lot of games together. He was the one who introduced me to the Fall Guys title, and we played it.

I started enjoying this game and started grinding on it. I remember playing this game almost 18 hours a day. A few days later, when I was streaming, I came across Tanmay Bhat's raid, which helped me boost my viewership.

Finding my niche — Minecraft

After playing Fall Guys for a long good time, I soon started seeing a dip in my viewership. I did not know how to get out of this loop. Days passed, and one day while laying on a couch, a thought triggered.

I noticed that not many gamers are avidly playing Minecraft. While many made videos and earned viewership, but there were hardly any regular streamers. Soon I started playing this game and picked it up as my niche.

Initially, my viewership did go down a bit. But when I started creating and uploading more engaging and fun content, I got my audience back.

Closing note — Dreams do come true!

Gamers and gaming content creators must play as many gamers as possible and find their niche. While the journey from Anshu to GamerFleet was a roller-coaster ride, it was all worth it when I saw a viewership of about 23,000. There is no looking back now!

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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