Genshin Impact Patch 1.3 leaks: Xiao gameplay leaked, Hu Tao, and more

Xiao's Genshin Impact gameplay leaked
Xiao's Genshin Impact gameplay leaked

Genshin Impact's 1.3 update is scheduled to introduce Xiao as a five-star rated playable character in a Lantern Rite event.

Update 1.3 in Genshin Impact is scheduled to introduce two new characters to the game. However, Xiao will be the first character to be introduced to the game. Hu Tao, the second character scheduled for update 1.3, is expected to be released after the Xiao banner in Genshin Impact ends.

Xiao will be an anemo-elemental character, while Hu Tao will be a pyro-elemental character in Genshin Impact. It has also been confirmed that both these characters will be using a polearm weapon in fights.

Additionally, leaked clips of Xiao's gameplay in Genshin Impact suggest that the character could become an instant favorite for players. The developers have since taken legal action against the leak and released an official statement.

Update 1.3 in Genshin Impact

Update 1.3 is expected to arrive in Genshin Impact after the Ganyu banner ends early in February. However, miHoYo hasn't revealed any details about the release of the update yet.

Apart from the two new characters making their way into the game, update 1.3 promises additional gameplay changes for Genshin Impact. These changes include a rework for Zhongli.

Update 1.3 in Genshin Impact is set to adjust Zhongli's "Dominance of Earth" and "Dominus Lapidis" abilities, which will make the five-star character worthy of that rating.

Additional leaks have also suggested the addition of eight new characters to Genshin Impact. It is very unlikely for miHoYo to introduce eight new characters to the game under one banner. It is expected that these characters will eventually make their way into Genshin Impact.

Nevertheless, miHoYo's entire focus is on the Ganyu banner, which has the players engaged. With Genshin Impact continuously growing as a mainstream game, it is expected of miHoYo to make some interesting additions to the game in the future.


With that said, it's time for the players to gear up for Xiao's upcoming release in February. For those who are yet to draw Ganyu from the banner, time is running out quickly, and they are advised to redeem their banner points before the event ends.

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