Genshin Impact Pity System: What is it and how does it work?

Genshin Impact's Pity System explained
Genshin Impact's Pity System explained

Genshin Impact's Pity System is an in-built feature that ensures players get their money's worth when drawing wishes repeatedly.

The pity system feature in Genshin Impact is miHoYo reassurance that players will definitely receive the highest-rated item/character from a specific banner/wish. Players will have to draw a few times before the pity rate is in their favor.

The pity rate ensures that players will receive a four-star weapon or character on their 10th draw if the previous nine draws have been three-star and lower-rated items. When it comes to five-star rated drops, the pity rate is different for weapons and characters.


Pity System in Genshin Impact

Players need to note that the wish counters available in Genshin Impact are separate for the three types of banners. The three types of banners available in Genshin Impact are:

  • Promotional Character-themed banner,
  • Promotional Weapon-themed banner; and
  • Permanent banners.

Promotional banners in Genshin Impact usually features the introduction of a new character or weapon into the game. Additionally, the pity system for promotional banners has a 50% chance of dropping a featured character/weapon.

This means that if a player's first four-star or five-star rated drop from a promotional banner isn't one of the featured character/weapon, they are guaranteed to receive a featured item from their next four/five-star rated drop.

The pity rate for each distinguished drop from Genshin Impact's banners are:

  • Four-Star Weapon: 10 Wishes
  • Four-Star Character: 10 Wishes
  • Five-Star Weapon: 80 Wishes
  • Five-Star Character: 90 Wishes

To simplify, if a player hasn't received a four-star drop in their previous nine draws, they are guaranteed to receive a four-star drop in the next draw.

If a player has not received a five-star rated character from the previous 89 wishes from a particular banner, they will most certainly receive the five-star rated character from their next wish.

Due to Genshin Impact's unique pity system and gacha mechanics, it is recommended that players save and use their wishes during promotional events. Players are also advised to note their own team-building requirements in Genshin Impact before investing in a specific banner.

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