Is Nintendo Switch Online on the verge of receiving GBA titles? Recent reports would suggest so

Nintendo Switch could soon get the ability to run GBA games on it (Images via Nintendo)
Nintendo Switch could soon get the ability to run GBA games on it (Images via Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch could be taking up its ability to run retro games on the device if recent leaks are anything to go by. The handheld console has revolutionized the console market with its ability to switch between its portable nature and larger screens. However, the device still cannot run older games that are playable on different versions of Game Boy Advance.

As per recent leaks on social media, the console's capabilities could go up in the coming days. It will also increase the existing number of older services that are offered as part of the Switch Only ecosystem.


Retro gaming has picked up pace recently, with many fans asking for an ability to play older-generation games. The leaks concern the console and emulation service, but they also seem to be an extensive list of the games that have been tested.

Nintendo Switch Online will soon get an extensive list of Game Boy games on emulation, as per leaks

The original leak on Twitter was by Trasht Bandatcoot, who made a series of interesting tweets. The user posted that the official emulator of Game Boy Advance has now been leaked, along with some screenshots of what gameplay will look like when the service becomes official.

While such details can always have an air of doubt about them, there have been a few more instances of similar tweets. However, the account from where those were posted has been deleted and is no longer available. This could also indicate that the leaks could be true.

Twitter user Mondo Mega also posted an interesting tweet about many Game Boy Advance games that have been tested. It should be noted that Nintendo hasn't officially confirmed the list, and testing may not necessarily mean that the games will be available. If Nintendo Switch sticks to the list, players will be able to enjoy The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and Mega Man Battle Network 2.

There have been some doubts over the origin of the emulator service. Developer ModernVintageGamer noted that there was a reference to EZFlash cartridges. As per MVG, if that turns out to be true, the chances of Nintendo developing the actual service seem unlikely.

According to another data miner, the emulation service for Nintendo Switch is being developed by NERD in collaboration with Panasonic Vietnam.

It remains to be seen if and when the leaks will turn out to be true. Nintendo hasn't made any confirmation, so players should take the information with a grain of salt. If the emulation service gets added to Nintendo Switch Online, it will be the fifth one to be added after the four existing ones.

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