Is YouTube's 30% deduction policy on Gamers' super chats fair?

Source: NDTV Gadgets360
Source: NDTV Gadgets360

YouTube is a leader in the world of online video streaming. Over the last few years, we have seen many players commencing their streaming careers on YouTube. The reason for that is pretty simple: YouTube is the most-used platform to watch videos.

Anyone with an Elgato, powerful computer and some gaming skills, can start a streaming career on YouTube. The growth rate on YouTube is more than on any other online streaming platform like Twitch or Nono TV.

Moreover, over the last few years, YouTube has made some changes in its policies. If you stream on the platform, you must have been aware of the fact that YouTube takes 30 percent of your online earning. But, is it fair to deduct 30 percent of the streamer's income?

This YouTube policy takes away most of our earnings, say Indian Gamers

Source: YouTube Thumbnail
Source: YouTube Thumbnail

Most of the Indian streamers who stream PUBG Mobile, COD, Fortnite, GTA and other smartphone and PC games on Youtube, have criticised YouTube's 30 percent deduction policy.

A month ago, Animesh Agrawal, a.k.a. 8BitThug streamed for a charity on Youtube and donated more than INR ten lakh. During his stream, 8BitThug said:

"We have collected more than INR 10 lakh (in) donation. I would request you guys to donate me through Google Pay or UPI, as YouTube takes 30 percent of the earnings. The collection of super chats are more than INR 5 lakh, and more than INR 1.5 lakh will be deducted from it."

The Youtube side of the story

It is also to be noted that YouTube provides a platform for you to stream, and it is free. You just need to make an account, and there you go, ready to stream your game-play!

YouTube has a huge user base, that makes it the most popular streaming platform. Anyone who starts their career on YouTube as a streamer has an advantage. The wide audience base helps you to grow faster. And therefore, it is the right of the company to make policies that benefit both itself and the streamers.

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