Kengzo released by Secret Jin after PUBG Mobile ban


Team Secret is one of the most active Esports organizations in PUBG Mobile. They have rosters from Thailand and Malaysia.

However, PUBG Mobile Esports has a rule of not allowing two teams from the same organization to participate in the competition. To work around this, Team Secret transferred the Thai roster ownership to their partner Jin's Coffee. The new team was subsequently renamed Secret Jin.

Both teams played the PMPL SEA and qualified for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. Secret Jin secured third place in the PMPL SEA, while Team Secret achieved sixth place. The PMGC said that "both the roster performed competitively and secured top 10 finish."

Secret Jin fans, after the subsequent team announced a backup by Rex from Team Secret to prepare for the PMPL competition next season coming up. There is a need to be announced on the following additional teams after a detailed review from PUBG Mobile League and get it. Kengzo has found that Kengzo has violated league regulations.Therefore, it is required to penalize the rules by banning from every PUBGMobile competition. Effective March 1, 2564 onwards. For such a reason,the subsequent announcement is issued to remove Kengzo from sportsmanship. Contracts due to violations of league regulations. Competition breaches, contracts, racers and behaviors that may cause damage to the subtitle team. Hopefully Kengzo will be successful in the future with the selected routes and support and wish the current racers on the team a successful team. PMPL new season coming up and stay tuned for new players launch announcement coming soon.

Now for the 2021 season, with adequate experience under their belts, Team Secret is looking to lift the World's trophy.

Still, one of their players, Nathakit Khongsranoi "Kengzo" from the Thai roster, will receive a ban from PUBG Mobile Offical due to a violation of League policies.

The ban will start from 1st March 2021, which will make him unavailable for the upcoming tournament. Secret Jin decided to release Kengzo from their roster and wished him the best for the future.

Kengzo released by Team Secret after PUBG Mobile ban

Rex, released from Team Secret Malaysia a few days ago, will join the upcoming Pro League roster.

Secret Jin PUBG Mobile Roster 2021:-

1. TSJ Cosmos- Totsaporn udomrak

2. TSJ GZ- Yongyuth Riyaten

3. TSJ REX- Asyam Allam

4. TSJ TWOKAY- Asyam Allam

Kengzo played as an in-game leader for the team. He joined Team Secret in February 2020. Under his leadership, the team became Champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand and secured third place in the PMPL SEA.

The team also performed satisfactorily at the PMGC, where they were placed sixth in the League Stages and 10th in the Finals.