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Kavos gives Pokimane a “brutal” reality check, claims to "expose her awful lies" in 14 minute video

(Image Credit: @pokimanelol)
(Image Credit: @pokimanelol)
Modified 31 Jul 2020, 23:19 IST

Pokimane is at the center of even more internet controversy and drama. In a recently published video, Kavos levied a strong attack against Pokimane in yet another volley in their feud. 

Pokimane and internet drama

Pokimane has been no stranger to controversy, although after reading and looking through a lot of the reasons she draws so much hate it’s a little difficult to take them seriously. One of the problems is that a lot of the anger directed at her seems to be simply trading blows, and it’s not exactly reasonable to vilify someone for self defense.

However, even those which are not simply retaliatory sometimes come off as frivolous. For example, one of the points raised by Kavos in his latest video is a sense of frustration that Pokimane was not, to him, adequately punished for “accidentally” showing an adult video on her stream. He juxtaposed this with the way others were vilified for their behavior, specifically calling attention to how Logan and Jake Paul were treated. But why does this bother him so much at all?

Unequal comparisons


Firstly, if people feel Pokimane wasn’t punished adequately by Twitch then ask yourself why you think Twitch did what they did. Twitch is not a government and governments have often failed to impose legal control over internet content, and so while it may not be ideal the blame for how the situation was handled rests with the authorities who have a vested interest in extracting profit from streamers and content creators.

Secondly, comparisons to Logan and Jake Paul are quite unjustified. Logan Paul is famous for his video in Japan wherein, after disrespecting Japanese society in general, he went to an infamous location in Japan in the hopes of finding a victim of suicide, found a person who had killed themselves, filmed that person for the amusement of himself and his viewers, edited that video together in a mocking manner, and then uploaded that video to YouTube.

This entire process, which required intensive planning and attention, sparked a backlash that must have been expected, which Logan then navigated in a typical manner.

Jake Paul, on the other hand, was caught instigating riots at BLM protests, something which protesters told him to stop, knowing that any destruction would be blamed on the BLM movement and black people in general. This, in addition to the fact that his actions were literally illegal, were not enough to stop him and the backlash he faced must have also been expected.

Neither of these are really appropriate comparisons to anything Pokimane did.

An unfortunate misuse of time

There is, of course, much more at play throughout this controversy. However, to continue to engage with this specific video would only serve to undermine my ultimate point which is that the time used by Kavos could be better spent on something with actual consequence.

If, for instance, he is truly upset by perceived injustice then there he might be excited to know that there is plenty of actual injustice he could act against without even having to leave London.

If you’re a fan of Kavos or Pokimane or anyone else involved in this wave of drama consider a few things. Firstly, you are not a soldier and it is not your job to attack Pokimane or Kavos on behalf of anyone. Secondly, if someone else’s behavior truly bothers you ask yourself how their behavior even affects you. Thirdly, make it your job to avoid people and content which annoys you, it’s not their job to change to serve you it’s your job to do something better with your time.

Published 31 Jul 2020, 23:19 IST
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