Logic announces retirement to sign an exclusive multi-million dollar deal with Twitch

American Rapper Logic signs with Twitch
American Rapper Logic signs with Twitch

What can be called as Twitch's first exclusive partnership with a musician, popular American rapper Logic has signed a multi-millionaire deal with Twitch.

Days after announcing his official retirement from the music industry, the 30-year-old rapper has announced a multi-million deal with streaming giant Twitch.

Logic, whose real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, has released five studio albums to date. He has now retired to pursue a career in streaming and playing video games.

On the 16th of July, he announced that he would be retiring from music after the release of his forthcoming project 'No Pressure,' which is scheduled to release on the 24th of July.

Check out his retirement announcement below:

Multi-million dollar deal with Twitch

Logic has, allegedly, signed a seven-figure deal with Twitch as he officially enters the world of live-streaming.

Logic has been streaming on Twitch for the past of couple of years, and in that time, he has amassed over 65,000 followers and raked in more than 1.5 million views.

The deal does not mark Logic's first foray into gaming as he has been previously affiliated with FaZe Clan. He has also featured in gaming videos with the likes of popular streamers such as Ninja and Myth.

Twitch will undoubtedly be looking to cash in on Logic's bankable quotient as he announced the official deal on his Twitter handle:

A lucrative investment for sure, when asked to share what prompted him to take this decision, Logic opined:

I'm not this rapper guy man. I'm just a nerd..I love video games. I think it's a powerful platform that allows me to connect with my fans in the best way possible. And the safest way possible for someone in my position.

You can read his exclusive interview here.

The Logic x Twitch partnership

In what is being deemed as a historic deal in the era of streaming, many believe that Twitch has pulled off a 'logical' masterstroke in signing a musician who has already been an active part of the Twitch community.

“The Twitch community brings this amazing group energy that you don’t really get anywhere else.
“It’s something that we crave as artists but has been especially hard to come across the last few months. I want my Twitch channel to be a place of creation but also collaboration, and I know the Twitch community is going to love what we’ve got planned.”
Logic's Twitch profile pic
Logic's Twitch profile pic

Logic's exclusive, first partner stream will be the album release of No Pressure on the 24th of July. He is scheduled to go live today, on the 21st of July.

You can take a look at the exclusive coverage of Logic's decision to join Twitch, in the video below.

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