Maxtern explains why Carry Minati's viral YouTube video got removed

  • Maxtern explains what are the reasons that Carry Minati's viral 'YouTube vs TikTok' video got removed by authorities.
  • Maxtern also elucidates whether there is any chance of Carry Minati's video of getting reinstated on YouTube.
Modified 15 May 2020, 09:55 IST

I explain why Carry Minati
I explain why Carry Minati's record breaking video got removed

Carry Minati aka Ajey Nagar's new video titled 'YouTube vs TikTok' broke all Indian viewership records and became the highest liked video of YouTube India in a single day. It was on track to become the highest viewed non music video in YouTube history. However, an untimely removal of the video by YouTube authorities has destroyed the chances of an Indian video being at the upper echelons of YouTube's analytics hierarchy.

This video was about a clip posted by TikTok star Amir Siddqui on his IGTV profile, to which Carry Minati replied with his quintessential roasting style, that has made him ever so popular in India.

While the video was loved by many, several others termed it as a classic case of 'cyber-bullying" on the part of India's top YouTubers.

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Did Carry Minati harass or bully on video?

This depends specifically on the person's opinion who was discussed in the video. So in this case, if Amir thinks that the video affects his personal life and has affected him emotionally, then yes it will be considered cyber bullying.

Amir got this hashtag to trend on Twitter against Carry Minati and other YouTubers
Amir got this hashtag to trend on Twitter against Carry Minati and other YouTubers

Amir recently posted about a hashtag termed '#amiragainstcyberbullying,' which started trending on Twitter India. There is a high possibility that either Amir or his fans mass reported the video on multiple occasions leaving YouTube authorities with no option but to remove the viral video.

Any possibility of the Carry Minati roast video getting reinstated?

The direct answer in this case is “50-50". It depends on various factors, if Carry Minati chooses to appeal on the removal and YouTube finds mass reporting as the reason for removal, then there is a chance of reinstating the video.


However, if Amir directly reported Carry Minati's video, then there is absolutely no chance of the video to go live again.

Published 15 May 2020, 09:55 IST
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