Brime streaming platform addresses Dr DisRespect rumours

Brime and Dr DisRespect have been linked recently
Brime and Dr DisRespect have been linked recently

Supposed new streaming platform Brime has instantly become the talk of the gaming and streaming community, thanks to its alleged connections with the news of Dr DisRespect's ban on Twitch.

The gaming community looked for answers as to why one of the most-popular streamers on the platform was banned. Amidst all the confusion, speculation and rampant theories starting emerging regarding Brime.

The brand new streaming platform was supposedly going to be working with the most popular streamers in the world, including Dr DisRespect, Shroud, and Ninja.

Brime has since amassed nearly 70,000 followers on Twitter, and have a "Coming Soon" tag regarding their website. They burst onto the scene as a result of widespread "theories" connecting them to Dr DisRespect.

Well-known internet personality Keemstar spurred on the rumour mills by tweeting out a "conspiracy theory" linking Brime and Dr DisRespect, because of a "prepare for 29th" image on the Doctor's stream.

Brime: How real is the platform, and how are they linked with Dr DisRespect?

Brime recently held a Q/A session on their Twitter handle, and answered some of the burning questions on the internet.

Here, they responded to the much-hyped, and speculated, connection between themselves and Dr DisRespect. Here's a part of the conversation in question:

Q: Was this platform already being worked on before the ban on @drdisrespect?

A: Yes it was, and his announcement, which was seen in the background of his stream, was made aware to us after we had said we would do a QA. This was timed badly, but we also didn't expect to be noticed.

Brime perhaps isn't a 4chan troll, as the internet suspects, but it is also far from an actual streaming platform backed by proper funding.

It is more likely to be a group of 3-4 young gaming enthusiasts attempting to cash in on the current Dr DisRespect wave, and the internet cannot knock them for that.

The kind of infrastructure, financial investment and technical support required to sustain a streaming platform is extremely difficult. Therefore, there haven't been many streaming platforms that don't have the backing of multi-million dollar corporations.