New Ural Mountains map for Warzone Season 3 leaked

Image Via Activision
Image Via Activision
Modified 06 Apr 2021

Warzone fans looking forward to Season 3 may have more reason to be excited as a potential Ural Mountains map was leaked on Twitter.

An image was released on Twitter by ZestyCODLeaks, and the claim was it's a brand new look at the next Warzone map. ZestyCODLeaks got the image from LeakyPastimes on Twitter, who was pushing for the same information.

In the Ural Mountains Warzone map image, viewers can see a handful of points of interest. Some of them include places like Zoo, Weather Station, Mines, and more. Overall, the map looks incredibly varied, especially in comparison to the current Verdansk map in Warzone.

There are snowy mountains, hills, watery points of interest, and broken-up land in the mines in that one small image of the potential Warzone Ural Mountains map. It resembles an evolving Fortnite map more than the primarily static Warzone map that players have become familiar with.

How genuine is the leaked Warzone image?

The leaked image for the Ural Mountains map seems accurate, but there is no telling yet if the map will replace Warzone in Season 3. The map may not show up in Warzone at all.

There's a lot of debate about what the image's files mean and in what game the map will show up. Rumors of an Ural Mountains map were going around this year, but the latest word is that the map was scrapped. However, there may be an in-between.

Many players believe the new map will be another version of Verdansk set in the '80s to go along with the Black Ops Cold War theme in Season 3. If that's the case, then the Ural Mountains map may instead be a new map for Fireteam in Black Ops Cold War rather than in Warzone.


The accounts on Twitter that displayed the leaked image claimed that the files were also codenamed with a WZ. But many commenters argued the files in Black Ops 4 were the same way due to Activision changing Warzone to Blackout when that Battle Royale came out.

Regardless, all the information will be revealed soon enough when Season 3 of Warzone releases.

Published 06 Apr 2021, 03:13 IST
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