Nintendo announced Super Mario 64, Galaxy, Sunshine, and much more are coming to Switch

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Mario is nearly 35 years old, and Nintendo is celebrating by releasing lots of old, and not so old, Mario titles on the Switch. If you want to take a chance to enjoy the classic Mario games, be sure to check them out on the Switch store.


Nintendo celebrates 35 years of Mario

It’s hard to believe that Nintendo has actually been around for over 130 years, responsible for creating and distributing gaming devices in Japan since the mid 1800s. But the Nintendo we know of today began in earnest in 1985 with the release of the very first Super Mario Bros. title.

Mario was a game which revolutionized what games could be like. Nintendo made its name known by committing to quality above all else, creating a game that controlled easier, looked more beautiful, and played better than anything else available at the time.

And that Nintendo quality is what kept them relevant three and a half decades later. Each new Mario game has been well received, and often highly anticipated, and usually explored or exhibited new ideas for players to learn.

Mario tries something new

Nintendo has always been comfortable using the Mario title to experiment with some new ideas. Mario 64 navigated the move to three dimensions, for instance. Later Mario titles expanded on what Mario 64 brought, with games like Sunshine and Galaxy both creating a unique gameplay experience.

That trend continues, as Nintendo is now releasing a new competitive multiplayer Mario experience, Super Mario Bros. 35. In this game mode, you and 34 other players compete to be the last Mario standing as you play through classic Mario levels- with a twist. Enemies defeated in one game get sent to another player’s game.

Nintendo also announced that it would be bringing Mario Kart to life, with the aptly named Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. This game pairs a real life RC Mario Kart with your Switch and lets you race in an augmented reality circuit in real life.

All this shows that Nintendo never stopped trying to experiment with new ideas, and they’re always willing to try something new.

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