Nostra introduces new ways to bring mobile gamers closer to worldwide developers

Nostra has announced new ways for gamers to catch all the entertainment (Image via Nostra)
Nostra has announced new ways for gamers to catch all the entertainment (Image via Nostra)

Nostra, one of the world's fastest-growing gaming platforms centered around India and South East Asia, has introduced four new ways for gamers and developers to come together. The digital platform has consistently made strides to connect gamers with the makers and discover new titles. To ease the overall process, all the users - gamers and developers - will reap the benefits of the new methods.

The latest implementation could prove to be massive for all involved parties down the line. Not only are the immersive methods innovative, but they could also change how the gaming community has discovered new projects historically.

Nostra's latest changes could bring the gaming community closer than ever


Typically, there's always been a gulf between those who make video games and those who view/play them. Thanks to Nostra's innovations, there are four new methods to take advantage of, including:

  • Live: This will enable streamers to stream directly from the game, and it also comes with a TurboLive variant that allows users to interact directly with the streamers and impact their gameplay sessions.
  • Connect: This will establish discussion forums between viewers and those playing a game.
  • Esports Tournaments: This mode will allow gamers from all over the world to compete with each other.
  • Updates: This zone will include news, information, and other details surrounding video games available on the platform.

Yashashvi Takallapalli, Vice President & General Manager Nostra, was ecstatic about the recent developments and had many words of positive encouragement:

“With over 700 new games getting launched every day and 90% of users dropping out within thirty days of installing a game, discovery and retention are two of the biggest challenges faced by the developers today. Nostra has created a new paradigm of user networks and engagement, proving what is possible when games think outside of their native apps."

He added:

"The depth and breadth of our experiences are transforming casual gamers into fans of games, while our presence on the Glance smart lock screen, a surface that consumers interact with over 75 times a day, is giving developers a fresh and high-frequency touch point to connect with new audiences at scale."

Nostra is available as part of the smart lock screen application Glance, allowing gamers to access entertainment seamlessly. Moreover, all the developers joining the platform will have instant access to Glance's strong community of 230 million+ users.

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