PUBG Mobile: Pakistan's Freestyle to miss PMWL 2020 if ban not lifted

Team Freestyle
Team Freestyle

Pakistani team Freestyle is set to miss the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020 East Season zero. The announcement came via the leader of Team Freestyle, FS Black, who was given the news of their removal from PMWL 2020 on the Discord server by PUBG officials.

"Unfortunately, the team won't be allowed to play in the PMWL as long as the game is banned in Pakistan. We are very sorry for this, but we cannot go against the government's laws. The team will still receive weekly attendance prize money even if you are not playing. Let's hope the government unbans the game as soon as possible." β€” PUBG officials

Freestyle were planning to participate in the PMWL 2020 through VPN, but PUBG officials notified that VPN or any third-party apps were not allowed at PMWL 2020.

Message to team Freestyle ahead of the PMWL 2020
Message to team Freestyle ahead of the PMWL 2020

Last week, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) banned PUBG Mobile in the country after it received several complaints. Although Waqar Zaka and other professional players tried their best to unban the game by going to court, and meeting PTA members, the ban has still not been lifted in Pakistan.

Freestyle were one of 20 teams participating at the PMWL 2020 East, a 425,000 USD prize pool tournament. The team qualified after winning the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Pakistan 2020.

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The participating teams for the PMWL 2020 East Season Zero are:

  • 1. Valdus Esports
  • 2. Bigetron RA
  • 3. BOX Gaming
  • 4. Team Secret
  • 5. YooDo Gank
  • 6. King of Gamers Club
  • 7. RRQ Athena
  • 8. Morph Team
  • 9. Galaxy Racer Celtz
  • 10. MegaStars
  • 11. Team Ind
  • 12. Orange Rock
  • 13. TSM-ENTITY
  • 14. Nova-Godlike
  • 15. SynerGE
  • 16. U Level Up
  • 17. T1
  • 18. Reject Scarlet
  • 19. FreeStyle
  • 20. No Chance Team

Map order for the opening weekend of PMWL 2020:

  • Erangel
  • Vikendi
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Erangel

Schedule for the opening weekend of PMWL 2020 East:

  • 10th July, Friday: Opening weekend Day 1
  • 11th July, Saturday: Opening weekend Day 2
  • 12th July, Sunday: Opening weekend Day

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