Persona 3 Reload Tokyo Game Show 2023 trailer highlights Strega villains, new storylines, overhauled combat, and more

Screenshot from the official persona 3 Reload "Conflicting Fates" trailer featuring the protagonist against the Strega antagonistic group
The highly anticipated JRPG remake just recieved a brand new trailer (Image via SEGA)

The Tokyo Game Show 2023 is here, and it would not be complete without the inclusion of Persona 3 Reload. The upcoming remake of the acclaimed PS2 JRPG received a brand new trailer, giving excited fans a new look at this reconstructed version of Persona 3. As a faithful recreation, it includes a familiar cast of characters, including antagonists, and also brand new attacks and UI elements.

Let's dive into the "Conflicting Fates" trailer and see what has changed and what has not.

Persona 3 Reload is more than a simple rehash of the original game

Called "Conflicting Fates," this new Persona 3 Reload trailer centers around the returning Strega members. They are an antagonistic group of Persona users consisting of the following members: Chidori Yoshino, Jin Shirato, and Takaya Sakaki. The latter is pretty popular among the fandom, who have termed him as "Revolver Jesus."

Each of them possesses unique Personas called Medea, Moros, and Hypnos, respectively. The main cast of SEES members will find themselves coming face to face with the Strega, while trying to learn the truth about the Dark Hour. This supernatural phenomenon is what allows these special individuals to harness powers called Persona, which they use to scale the otherworldly Tartarus.

Speaking of which, brand new story beats centered around fleshing out certain characters will be included too. This will help improve the core experience for newcomers, while granting older fans a reason to revisit the game once again. All of this is amplified by the brand-new graphics driven by the popular Unreal Engine, a far cry from the traditionally custom solutions employed by developer ATLUS.

We also get a new look at combat. While the core basics are familiar to veterans of the original, many quality-of-life improvements and enhancements make Persona 3 Reload the definitive way to enjoy the universally acclaimed JRPG. The gameplay is turn-based, but new animations help spice up combat, including All-Out attacks.

New mechanics are also accounted for. This includes Theurgia, which relies on a gauge to be used. Its use remains unclear at this point. Then there is another feature called Shift, which is inspired by the Baton Pass mechanic in Persona 5. In a nutshell, characters will be able to pass on their extra turn to allies at the cost of gaining power on the next turn.

Persona 3 Reload launches on February 2, 2024, for PC (via Steam and Microsoft Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S platforms. Check out our preview to find out if it's worth picking up at launch.