PMWL 2020: Seven qualified teams from PMPL South Asia 2020

PUBG mobile esports
PUBG mobile esports

India's most popular mobile gaming tournament PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia (PMPL) has come to an end.

A prize pool of 138,500 USD (1.05 Crores) was distributed among the 16 teams that played the finals of PMPL South Asia. 7 teams from PMPL South Asia have qualified for PUBG Mobile World League East. The prize pool of the tournament is 425,000 USD (INR 3.2 Crores) and it starts from from 10th July.

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pubg mobile esports
pubg mobile esports

Qualified Teams from PMPL South Asia League Stage


Qualified Teams from PMPL South Asia Finals

  1. CELTZ

These seven teams will represent South Asia region in PMWL. Although the South Asia region consisted of teams from India,Nepal, and Bangladesh but only Indian teams have managed to qualify for PMWL 2020. Elementrix and Xtreme were the only two teams that played PMPL South Asia finals from Nepal.

Celtz, often referred to as the underdogs, proved their mettle by beating many experienced teams. They finished at 13th place in league stage and not everyone had expected them to win the Finals. Fan favorites Team Soul and Fnatic weren't able to qualify, they both lacked proper strategy and self confidence throughout the tournament.

Qualified teams for PUBG Mobile East Spring

Orange Rock Esports, TSM-ENTITY,GodLike and SynerGE (PMPL SA League Stage)

Team Celtz , Megastars and Team Ind ( PMPL SA Finals )

Yoodo Gank, KOG, RRQ and Morph (SEA Finals)

BigetronEsports (PMPL Indonesia)

Team Secret (PMPL Malaysia)

Valdus Esports {Acquired illuminate roster} (PMPL Thailand)

Box Gaming (PMPL Vietnam)

Free Style ( PMCO Pakistan)

No Chance (PMCO Wildcard)

Reject Scarlet (Japan Championship)

U Level Up ( PMPL TPE)

Xenon (Street Challenge Korea).

Pubg Mobile World League East and West will have a prize pool of 850,000 USD, which is the biggest ever for a single event in PUBG Mobile.

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