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Professional COD Mobile team shocks the community with their insane callouts 

Image via Activision
Image via Activision
Joey Carr
Modified 25 Oct 2020, 05:54 IST

The 2020 COD Mobile NA Regional Playoffs are currently underway and the community is pretty excited about it. The best players in the region are taking center stage (virtually) for their chance at making it to the World Championship. Of course, the World Championship was originally set to take place earlier in the year but due to COVID-19, Activision was forced to move the event back.

The action was pretty solid all day on Twitch, as the mobile esport got some pretty high-profile casters to make the matches even more exciting. Also, the bracket featured some fantastic teams and players, making for a perfect recipe of COD Mobile gameplay.

One of the teams competing is Tribe Gaming, a relatively big organization in the mobile esport scene. In their first match of the day against Truly OP, the casters threw to a Tribe listen-in and this is when all hell broke loose.

Tribe Gaming goes all out with their callouts at COD Mobile Playoffs

Traditionally, a listen-in is supposed to give the audience a sense of what's going through a team's mind at a certain point in a match. The casters will normally choose to listen-in with the more popular team, which in this case was Tribe Gaming. The listen-ins usually provide some solid insights into how a team is communicating during a COD Mobile match.

However, when casters Maven and HawksNest threw to a listen-in with Tribe Gaming during the first half of a Domination match against Truly OP, they didn't know what they were doing.

The utter chaos that ensued immediately after the listen-in happened was truly mind-boggling. The five players on Tribe Gaming were yelling incoherently and seemingly over each other, which only made the callouts louder. The COD Mobile community thought there was simply no way the team members could understand what was being said but obviously, Tribe Gaming has found success using this method.


During the duration of the listen-in, Tribe pulled ahead of Truly OP, eventually going on to win the Domination match on Firing Range. However, how they managed to hear each other's callouts is a complete mystery. Caster Maven summed up what fans were thinking when the listen-in ended by exclaiming, "What in the hell was that?"

Maven compared the callouts to a preschool full of yelling children, which, in all honesty, isn't a horrible comparison. The caster went on to explain that even in the Call of Duty League the callouts can still be understood, to a degree. However, in COD Mobile, that doesn't seem to translate. To cap it all off though, HawksNest explained that he spoke to Tribe Gaming and they claimed their biggest strength was their communication. To this, Maven simply yelled, "Whaaaaaat!"

The COD Mobile NA Regional Playoffs continue over the weekend until one team is left standing. You can watch on Twitch.TV/codmobile to witness more insane moments and possibly catch another crazy listen-in with the Tribe Gaming players.

Published 25 Oct 2020, 05:30 IST
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