PUBG Mobile is highest-earning game in Q2 of 2020

PUBG Mobile continues to break records
PUBG Mobile continues to break records

In more good news for PUBG Mobile and its legions of fans, the game has become the highest revenue-generating mobile game in Q2 this year, as per a study done by Sensor Tower. Global player spending on mobile games has improved by 27%, generating $19.3 billion in revenue.

With 2.7 billion game downloads in Q2, compared to 1.8 billion in Q1, India became the leading region in terms of the number of game downloads, followed by the USA and Brazil. Overall, the United States saw a slight increment in downloads, and 1.4 billion-plus downloads over both quarters. Brazil generated almost 1.1 billion installations in Q1, with the numbers increasing by 9% to 1.2 billion in Q2.

Here is what Sensor Tower had to say:

From Q1 to Q2 2020, the top three countries for downloads were India, the United States, and Brazil, though all three saw an increase in new installs Q/Q.
Top grossing mobile games in Q2 for 2020 (Image Credits:
Top grossing mobile games in Q2 for 2020 (Image Credits:

As noticed, throughout the year, the revenue generated through Apple's App Store was more than Android's Google Play store. However, the number of downloads via the Play Store is much higher.

Sensor Tower added:

PUBG Mobile from Tencent was the top grossing game in the world during Q2 2020, generating close to $621 million in the quarter. That was down 8 percent from Q1 2020, when it accumulated $674.5 million. PUBG Mobile’s peak came in March, just prior to the end of lockdown in China, at approximately $270 million.

At a total revenue of $621 million, PUBG Mobile has become the top-grossing game in Q2. However, these figures were 8% less than that of Q1, which earned $674.5 million. The peak earning for PUBG Mobile took place in March, with $270 million raked in. Roblox, which managed to generate $302.8 million worth of revenue in Q2 for its mobile version, surged by 58.8% from $190.7 million in Q1.

The USA leads in terms of in-game revenue for H1 2020, with more than $10 billion earned during the first half-year. User spending increased by 24.4% from $4.5 billion in Q1 to $5.6 billion in Q2. Japan ranked No 2, with players spending more than $8 billion in H1.

In China, game revenue decreased by 8.6% from $3.5 billion in Q1 to $3.2 billion in Q2. The region's App Store hit 743 million in Q1, but decreased by 35.8% to make only 477 million in Q2.

The ongoing lockdown has undoubtedly helped the mobile gaming industry grow significantly. With people staying at home and looking for new ways to keep themselves entertained, mobile games across all platforms benefit. A record amount of spending on games like PUBG Mobile has also happened due to lockdown measures taken across the world.

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