PUBG Mobile drops out of top 10 most downloaded games of August, Among Us enters in 9th spot

Top Mobile Games Worldwide for August 2020 by Downloads credits: sensor tower
Top Mobile Games Worldwide for August 2020 by Downloads credits: sensor tower

Sensor Tower has released a list of the top 10 mobile games in terms of total number of downloads in August. The study reveals that the top games from July are still defending their crown, whereas some new titles have made their way to the list for the very first time. However, PUBG Mobile couldn't follow the suit and has dropped out of the top 10.

In terms of overall downloads, Scribble rider published by Voodoo, continues to be on the top of the list with 44.6 million downloads in August. India contributed to the maximum number of downloads, with over 16.7% of the total installations. The USA being the 2nd highest contributor, is responsible for 12% of the total downloads.

Brainwash, published by Saygames, was the 2nd most downloaded app with over 30 million downloads in August. The majority of the installations were again from India, 17.2%.

Cube Surfer by Voodoo, Subway Surfers by Sybo Games, and Tie Dye by Crazy Labs secured the 3rd, 4th and 5th place on the list of most downloaded mobile games for the month.

One of the surprise hits of August made it to the list with over 661% increase in downloads. Among Us by InnerSloth, has garnered a massive popularity among game streamers. Popular Twitch and YouTube streamers are now playing the game on their live streams, which has resulted in the game receiving a lot of downloads.

PUBG Mobile drops out of the top 10 on the Google Play Store

PUBG Mobile isn't listed in the top 10 on the Google Play Store anymore. However, it was still the 7th most downloaded game in August on the Apple App Store. As a result of PUBG Mobile's ban in India, it is expected to receive a massive slump in downloads in September.

PUBG Mobile was banned in the country on the 2nd of September. Popular battle royale games like Free Fire and COD Mobile are slowly acquiring PUBG Mobile's user base.

Among Us is yet to become an absolute hit and reach the top 5 on the Google Play Store. It will be worth seeing if the game manages to retain its spot on the top 10 list in September.