PUBG Mobile hacks: New anti-cheat system bans 2,273,152 accounts in one week

PUBG Moniler anti-cheat announcement poster (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)
PUBG Moniler anti-cheat announcement poster (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)

PUBG Mobile has published the statistics of cheaters that got banned last week, and the developers have also hinted at new anti-cheat measures for the recently-revealed and upcoming New Era update.

Banned cheats pie-chart (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)
Banned cheats pie-chart (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)

According to the announcement on Instagram, PUBG Mobile has banned over 2,273,152 accounts caught cheating. Over 1,424,854 devices that were used to cheat also received suspensions.

Here's a break-up of the accounts banned:

  • Around 32% of the cheaters used X-Ray Visions to gain an unfair advantage and see the enemy's position through covers and walls.
  • 27% of the cheaters were banned due to usage of auto-aiming, to shoot enemies automatically using third-party scripts
  • 12% were using speed hacks to outperform enemies with an unfair movement advantage.
  • 4% of the cheaters received suspensions due to use of modification of area damage, where the hackers could kill other players instantly with increased bullet damage.
  • 3% of the cheaters were handed bans because of utilisation of modification of character model to gain an unfair advantage using third-party plugins.
  • The remaining 22% got banned due to other reasons not specified.
PUBG Mobile anti-cheat report for the previous week (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)
PUBG Mobile anti-cheat report for the previous week (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)

New anti-hack system in PUBG Mobile

Also, the new anti-cheat feature in PUBG Mobile was announced ahead of the New Era update on the official Discord server is interesting. This anti-cheat measure is called Video Review Station.

With this system, players will be able to decide whether the reported player in the video is hacking or not. If the maximum number of reviews point to the player as guilty, then the footage will be reviewed by the officials for further verification

The review station will operate in seven steps:

  • A player is reported for suspicious activity by others in-game or within the community.
  • A battle replay video from the suspicious player's perspective gets generated.
  • The video is randomly distributed to multiple player investigators.
  • These investigators analyse the video.
  • A majority confirms that the video contains evidence of cheating.
  • The official PUBG Mobile team then reviews the violation.
  • The player, if found cheating, is permanently suspended from the game.

PUBG Mobile aims to provide a fair gameplay environment to every player. These new anti-cheat measures in the New Era update should justify this statement.

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