PUBG Mobile: Korpaii joins FaZe Clan

Korpaii's image via FaZe Clan.
Korpaii's image via FaZe Clan.

FaZe Clan has signed Thaphat Kamphusan, aka Korpaii, to their PUBG Mobile roster for the upcoming tournaments. This is their second addition in 2021. Soup77, of the King of Gamers Club fame, joined the roster a few weeks ago.

The PUBG Mobile Club Open tournament for the South East Asia region has concluded. The tournament's top teams have qualified for the next stage, i.e., the PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 3.

The Pro League is the ultimate PUBG Mobile Esports tournament, which boasts a massive prize pool. Many organizations are signing and releasing players before the tournament to get things sorted out with their rosters.

FaZe Clan PUBG Mobile roster

1. FaZe Bulshark

2. FaZe Vintorez

3. FaZe Korpaii

4. FaZe Soup77

5. FaZe MR5

6. FaZe TonyK

FaZe Clan is one of the most aggressive PUBG Mobile teams from the Thai region. Despite ranking among the top two teams in PMPL Thailand S1 and S2 League Stages, they failed to qualify for any global tournament.

The team now looks potent for the PMPL S3 with Korpaii, who previously played from Power888KPS and Soup77 from King of Gamers Club.

Korpaii played a big role in the success of Power888KPS. He played as an in-game leader of the team in the PMPL Thailand S2, where the team emerged victorious in the league stage and qualified for the Global Championship.

PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand Season 3

The tournament's third iteration will see 16 teams battling it out. Four teams are from PMCO Spring 2021 Thailand. FaZe Clan is invited to PMPL Thailand Season 3. 888Garage Esports, Suicide Squad, Sicario Esports, and Nitro Gaming are the teams that qualified through the Club Open 2021.

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