PUBG Mobile: PMPL Season 2 Thailand Week 5 Day 1 overall standings

PMPL Season 2 Thailand recap
PMPL Season 2 Thailand recap

The PMPL Season 2 Thailand has stepped into its fifth week, and the competition has become more challenging for the top five teams. Although it's tough to compete against the top two rank holders, the competition is still alive in the PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 2 Thailand.

Overall standings after PMPL Season 2 Thailand Week 5 Day 1

PMPL Season 2 Thailand overall standings
PMPL Season 2 Thailand overall standings

The first match of the day at the PMPL Season 2 Thailand, played in Erangel, was won by PW888 Esports. With their ninth Chicken Dinner in 45 matches, the team set a new benchmark in the league stage and surpassed Faze Clan to claim overall top spot. Also, PW888 are the only team to cross the 500-point mark of far. With 501 points, including 212 kills, they are playing on a whole different level.

Faze then clinched the second, fourth and fifth matches, played in Miramar, Vikendi and Erangel, respectively. Not giving up on their title aspirations, the team is still on track to dethrone PW888 and claim top spot.

With three wins in a single day, Faze managed took their tally to eight Chicken Dinners so far in 45 matches. They are also the top fraggers with 229 kills, and have collected a total of 499 points.

Tokio Striker, not anywhere near the first page of the PMPL Season 2 Thailand points table in the initial weeks, have entered the top three after winning the third match in Sanhok. Despite being over 100 points away from securing a top-two position, they have surpassed heavyweights like RRQ Athena and MiTH to earn a podium place.

Fan-favourites RRQ are currently in fourth. Although they've been underperforming for the past few games, their placement points have helped them to get a place in the top five. The team has 384 points, with only 144 kills. Kill points-wise, RRQ have the lowest number of kills among the top 12 sides.

Other popular teams like MiTH, Valdus and KOG also lost ranks because of lack of chance to play the first day of Week 5.

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