PUBG Mobile: Top 5 kill leaders from PMWL 2020 West Finals Day 4

PMWL 2020 West Finals Day 4
PMWL 2020 West Finals Day 4

PUBG Mobile World League(PMWL) 2020 West Season Zero has come to an end after a month-long journey. Futbolist have clinched the coveted trophy, credits to their aggressive gameplay throughout the tournament.

Loops Esports made a steady comeback and secured the 2nd place, while Konina Power secured the 3rd place in the tournament.

One of the contenders for the title, Cloud 9, had a forgettable journey. They failed to qualify for the Super Weekend 3, which cost them the first place in the League Stage. Then, they choked in crucial moments and finished the tournament at the 4th position.

Here, we look at the five kill leaders from Day 4 of the Finals, who not only made a name for themselves but also played a pivotal role in the success of their team.

Top five kill leaders from PMWL 2020 West Finals Day 4

Wildcard S4M finished on the top of the kills leaderboard with 17 kills. Wildcard finished the tournament at the 5th place with 269 points. They also notched 4 Chicken Dinners in the Finals.

Wildcard Spring finished second with 12 kills. Wildcard took 38 kills on day four and gained 93 points, which was the second-highest for the day. It helped them to finish in the top 5 on the overall leaderboard.

Loops Carrilho notched 12 kills and finished at the third position. He is one of the best players from the Western region. Carrilho was also the top fragger of the League Stage with 133 kills and was crowned as the MVP for week 1 and 2.

Pittsburgh Knights J7 finished at the 4th position with 12 kills. Pittsburgh Knights had a decent run on Day 4, where they gained 84 points and finished the tournament at the 8th place with 227 points.

Loops Federal took 11 kills and finished at the 5th position on the kills leaderboard. Loops displayed an amazing gameplay on day 4, and gained 97 points.

PMWL 2020 West Finals overall standings

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