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Red Bull Gaming creates Tekken Academy with pro fighting game player

(Image Credit: @tk_anakin)
(Image Credit: @tk_anakin)
Modified 26 Aug 2020, 02:19 IST

It’s no secret that fighting games have a fairly steep barrier to entry. In the same way that most people don’t know how to fight and resort to wildly flailing their arms in real life, many players resort to button-mashing in fighting games. Fortunately, there are tons of resources to level up your play from simple button-mashing to playing your chosen fighting game well.

Anakin and Red Bull Gaming

Most of you will probably recognize Red Bull from their line of energy drinks. Red Bull also sponsors a number of eccentric and interesting events, both having high level players in the fighting game community and sponsoring someone jumping from space back in 2012.

Although it’s unlikely that anyone reading this will have the opportunity to jump from space, anyone can pick up a fighting game and learn how to play. 

Red Bull Gaming and Anakin have planned out a six week course that should help even a total beginner move on from button mashing to fighting with intent. Here’s what you need to know.


Learning a fighting game, start with the basics

Interestingly enough, Anakin and I shared similar ideas about what it takes to start playing. If you’ve been interested in a fighting game and always held back for some reason or another then don’t worry, there are plenty of tutorials meant to help get you through the door.

Here, Anakin does over all of the basics. If you’ve never so much as seen a game of Tekken, Anakin covers just about everything. Life bars, round time, win counts, what each button does, and what combinations of buttons do.

I can not emphasize enough, even if you have no idea what you’re doing, Anakin will help you on your fighting game journey.

Moving to more advanced fighting game techniques

Currently, Anakin is five weeks into his six week tutorial series. If you decide to watch his later videos, you might find that you struggle to keep up with some of what he’s saying. Don’t worry, that’s normal.

In a fighting game, complexity builds upon itself as multiple skills get tested at once. Execution, perception, and decision making form the three core skills required to play well, and if you take your time and follow this guide you will begin to understand each part in turn.


Execution refers to your ability to control your character and execute your goals. Perception refers to your ability to accurately understand the situation on a moment to moment basis. And decision making is how well you are able to use the information available to you.

Give it a shot and see how well you do!

Published 26 Aug 2020, 02:19 IST
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