Resident Evil 8: Village TGS — Story details, new-look Ethan Winters, 25th anniversary, and more

Image Credits: Capcom
Image Credits: Capcom

Yesterday, during Capcom's opening stream for the Tokyo Game Show 2020, we got new details on Resident Evil 8: Village, and a few other games, along with the announcement of Resident Evil's 25th-anniversary starting date. The developers of Resident Evil 8: Village have shared new story details, a fresh look at the protagonist, Ethan Winters, and much more.

Resident Evil 8: Village is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Capcom, and was initially revealed at the PlayStation 5 future of gaming event on 12th June 2020. This event is the same one where we got a first look at the PS5 console and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, among others.

A brand new look at the Ethan Winters character from Resident Evil 8 Image Credits: Capcom
A brand new look at the Ethan Winters character from Resident Evil 8 Image Credits: Capcom

During the Capcom special program at the Tokyo Game Show, the developers talked a lot about the story, the main protagonist, a current-gen version of Resident Evil 8, the starting date for the Resident Evil 25th anniversary, and much more.

All new information on Resident Evil 8: Village revealed during the Tokyo Game Show

According to the developers, Resident Evil 8: Village will offer players more freedom than Resident Evil 7. We already knew that this time, too, we would be playing as Ethan. However, the upcoming title will delve deeper into his life and what happened to him after the events of RE 7.


The Story of Resident Evil 8: Village takes place years after the events of RE 7. Ethan was living a peaceful life until it was shattered by Chris Redfield. Furthermore, as the game's name suggests, Village plays a vital role in Resident Evil 8.

The developers' event also revealed that "The Village" can be considered another protagonist of this game.

During the event, the devs also talked about a potential current-generation version of Resident Evil 8. They are looking to release RE 8 on the PS4 and Xbox One, but it has not been confirmed so far. They clarified that a current-gen version of RE 8 could come to current-gen platforms if not held back by technical limitations.

Another big piece of news that we got during Capcom's special show was about the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil Series, starting from 22nd March 2021. For now, that is all we have on how Capcom is going to celebrate the silver jubilee moment. We will keep you updated on the matter.