Riot Games has once again sued Moonton and Mobile Legends Bang Bang for 'copying' League of Legends

Riot Games has made a fresh lawsuit against Moonton (Image via Riot)
Riot Games has made a fresh lawsuit against Moonton (Image via Riot)

Riot Games and League of Legends have been love stories that have seen the former become a household name in gaming. Over the last decade and a half, Riot has managed to create a MOBA that will surpass all expectations to establish itself as one of the giants in the genre.

With fame comes its problem, and Riot Games have fought against Moonton and their game Mobile Legends Bang Bang on the grounds of copying IP and more.

Weibo netizens reaction to the Riot/Moonton Lawsuit:- its actually Tencent vs Bytedance- OG ML Team stole the HoK source code - TIL Tencent owned Riot- What is ML?- Nonsense, all mobile games done this- DOTA is laughing at this btw- Regular argument in the internet.

The tussle is set to expand further as Riot Games has filed a new lawsuit in the Los Angeles Federal Court against Moonton, but the target seems different this time. Riot sued Moonton for copying designs from League of Legends in 2017. As reported by Reuters, the accusations seem to be on the same grounds this time but from the mobile version of the hit MOBA.

League of Legends maker Riot Games has once again sued Moonton

Back in 2017, Riot Games sued Moonton and its product Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The accusations were quite serious as the gaming giants accused the mobile game makers of copying from League of Legends. The case was dismissed after the Los Angeles Federal Court felt that the case belonged to Chinese law.


Much has changed since then as Moonton has been acquired for a hefty sum by ByteDance, popularly known for Tiktok. Riot Games is now principally owned by Tencent Holdings, and the company has ventured into a mobile version for their hit MOBA.

League of Legends: Wild Rift might not be out globally, but the game has already managed to sway fans. Generating a similar level of finesse on mobile phones and bringing in the same level of characters has created an enviable fan following.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang will be a natural competitor in the mobile market since it's arguably the most popular MOBA on mobile. The game has reportedly been downloaded more than 500 million times across all devices, a massive number for any application, let alone a mobile game.


The accusations against Moonton are quite serious as Riot Games have accused it of copying several elements. On top are the character designs and skillsets that Mobile Legends Bang Bang characters have.

Riot has also claimed that Moonton has copied promotional videos like events and character trailers. They added that this follows "years of blatant copying of their properties."


It would be interesting to see if there would be a possible scenario if the Los Angeles court would again prefer this case to be shifted over to China.

This isn't the first time the League of Legends maker has sued a mobile game developer. Singapore-based Suga Pte ltd. was sued on similar grounds in the past. ByteDance's influence on the new case remains to be seen.

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