Sports Interactive announces Football Manager 24 - Release date, platforms, and more

Football Manager 24
Football Manager 24's release dates have been announced (Image via Sports Interactive)

Football Manager 24 has now been announced, and fans worldwide will have much to look forward to over the next two months in the lead-up to the release. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer that was posted on the game's social media account on September 12, 2023. It also marks the completion of two decades of the popular football simulation series, carrying a rich legacy.

The gaming community has been eagerly waiting to find out what's next from Sports Interactive, and this is the first glimpse of the next chapter of the hit series. With announcements of the release date, Football Manager 24 is now up for pre-order, and the available platforms have also been announced.

Football Manager 24 release date

The next installment of the realistic football management simulator will be available globally on November 6, 2023. The release date is more or less along expected lines, as Sports Interactive typically uses the first week of November to release a new game. Hence, fans will have to wait for a little over 6 weeks, as of this writing, to play the game.

Do note that there's also a high chance for an early access period. This typically starts around 2 weeks before the actual date of release. Usually, those who pre-order their copy are entitled to these two weeks of early access.

Readers are advised to follow the official X (formerly Twitter) handle of Sports Interactive for all the official information.

Available platforms for Football Manager 24

In recent years, the Football Manager series has become available on multiple platforms. It will be the same for Football Manager 24, which will be available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices. The PC edition will be the original experience, which brings a hardcore simulation experience for all.


The console edition will be available on both Xbox and PlayStation and will likely be a streamlined option. Interestingly, the title is also coming to mobile devices, including a Touch version for tablet devices. A special version will be available for fans on the Nintendo Switch.

The mobile and Nintendo Switch versions aren't up for pre-orders yet. Moreover, Sports Interactive will share gameplay details and feature reveals throughout September and October.