Twitch streamer "Tessi" makes fun of cancer patient, gets a call from dad, and instantly regrets the decision

Image via Streamer Tessi's channel
Image via Streamer Tessi's channel

A small-time Twitch streamer known as "Tessi" was shut down by her father after insulting a cancer patient.

While most trolls usually get away without facing the consequences, this is one of the few instances where karma caught up immediately.

Cancer is not funny

Two weeks ago, a Twitch streamer known as Tessi got into an argument with a random girl during her live stream. Things got heated when Tessi made personal attacks on the girl.

The girl in question was a cancer patient.

This is what Tessi had to say:

"You're such a loser. Your wig is even falling off. What is it even like having cancer."

Backlash soon followed her way as the matter was sensitive. People outraged by the comments flooded Tessi's YouTube channel with dislikes.

People soon called for her to be cancelled from the various platforms she used.

Father shuts Twitch streamer down

After finding out about his daughter's live stream, Tessi's father, Jeremy, took to YouTube and addressed the issue.

He said that Tessi had even livestreamed herself doing drugs in school a few years back, which got her arrested.

Tessi's Father
Tessi's Father

Jeremy further explained that his daughter has been to several psychologists and therapists over the years, but its' been futile. He spared a lot of money to help her get better.

Tessi's father was visibly upset
Tessi's father was visibly upset

He further quoted:

"I've raised you on my own for 13 years. That's 13 years as a single parent. I've haven't been the best parent in the world but I've tried my best."

Tessi walked out of her father's house in the past. She would eventually return.

Tessi's father on the hardships of raising a child
Tessi's father on the hardships of raising a child

He agreed to allow her to stay with him on two conditions:

  1. That she would clean her room
  2. Not do anything illegal

Suffice to say, none of these rules were followed. He found out that Tessi had been making fun of people with disabilities online and involving her younger sister in the drama.

The streamer's fan base came to her rescue and defended her actions. Upon facing backlash from her fans, Jeremy had this to say:

"You know what Mya? You can come after me all you want. I'm an adult. I can deal with it but your sister is a minor. Your sister has had to be front row and center for all your drama. You've just started being an adult, and you've never really had to pay for anything. Never had to be responsible for bills but that all ended last night because you decided to call the cops on me for no reason."
Tessi's father issues her a warning
Tessi's father issues her a warning

Despite Tessi putting out an apology video, she has been banned from ever returning home. Many people have since reached out and supported the father's decision.

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