PUBG Mobile: SynerGE emerge as PMIS 2020 semi-finals champions

PUBG Mobile Pro Team: SynerGE
PUBG Mobile Pro Team: SynerGE

After five days of intense battles at PUBG Mobile India Series, the semi-finals stage of the tournament has concluded. A total of 32 teams in four different groups competed for 16 spots of the Grand Finals.

Top 16 teams on the points table have qualified for PMIS 2020 Grand Finals.

A brief look at SynerGE's performance

PUBG Mobile India Series Semi-Finals Results and Overall standings
PUBG Mobile India Series Semi-Finals Results and Overall standings

Right from the beginning of the semi-finals, SynerGE dominated the opponent teams, and showed no signs of slowing down. Following up on well-planned strategies and team co-ordination, SynerGE emerged as the toppers of the semi-finals stage.

At the end of Day 5, SynerGE finished as the leaders of the PMIS 2020 semi-finals points table with 264 points and five chicken dinners. They were followed by Fnatic and OrangeRock, with 261 and 215 points, respectively.

Runners Up of PMIS 2020 semi-finals

Fnatic vs Orange Rock in PMIS 2020
Fnatic vs Orange Rock in PMIS 2020

Fnatic, that secured the second place, was on the 7th spot after the end of Day 3. The team made a huge comeback and climbed to the third spot the next day. At that time, Orange Rock was holding the second spot and faced fierce competition from Fnatic. Orange Rock eventually gave away the second spot to Fnatic.

Teams qualified for PMIS 2020 Finals

As mentioned earlier, out of 32 sqauds, Top 16 have qualified for the finals stage. Here's a list of those 16 teams:

#1 SynerGE - 264 points (105 kills)

#2 Fnatic - 261 points (115 kills)

#3 Orangerock - 215 points (82 kills)

#4 Tsm-Entity - 209 points (109 kills)

#5 UMumba Esports - 207 points (84 kills)

#6 TEAM VST - 189 points (67 kills)

#7 Celtz - 182 points (67 kills)

#8 DarkTangent Esports - 166 points (70 kills)

#9 MegaStars - 159 points (62 kills)

#10 ELEMENT esports - 150 points (78 kills)

#11 Team Mayhem - 144 points (50 kills)

#12 PGXs - 138 points (51 kills)

#13 LiveCraft eSports - 136 points (48 kills)

#14 Team Tamilas - 136 points (45 kills)

#15 Team IND - 129 points (52 kills)

#16 Inside Out - 122 points (59 kills)


Here you can find the complete overall standings of PMIS 2020 Semi-Finals.

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