“The first-person mod of Bloodborne is something I have wanted to do for a long time” - Garden of Eyes

Garden of Eyes, the creator of the first-person mod for Bloodborne (Image by Sportskeeda)
Garden of Eyes, the creator of the first-person mod for Bloodborne (Image by Sportskeeda)

Garden of Eyes, one of the most notable Bloodborne modders, recently showcased a first-person mod for the game, which he created in collaboration with Zullie the Witch, the creator of Dark Souls 3 first-person mod.


The mod lets the player experience the entire Bloodborne campaign from a first-person perspective and truly inhabit the Hunter. From inspiration to technical aspects, Garden of Eyes opened up about the challenges and the experience behind creating the Bloodborne first-person mod, in an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda’s Suryadeepto Sengupta.

The following is an excerpt of the conversation.

Garden of Eyes reflects on Bloodborne collaboration with Zullie, the Witch

Q1. What was the inspiration behind the idea of creating a first-person mod for Bloodborne? Any interesting behind-the-scenes stories you want to share?

Garden of Eyes: The first-person mod is something I have wanted to do for a long time, ever since I saw the first-person gun mods for Dark Souls 3! So I approached Zullie the Witch (the creator of the DS3 first-person mod), who generously walked me through the steps of how she made the mod and found the different camera offsets on PC.

This helped me greatly in implementing a proper approach on PS4 for Bloodborne, which was not exactly an easy task considering how limited PS4 modding tools are compared to PC.

Q2. Do tell us a bit about the first-person mod for Bloodborne, which you created in collaboration with Zullie the Witch.

Garden of Eyes: This first-person mod adds a new headpiece “Great One Hat” earned at the very start of the game, and once worn, it enables the First Person perspective! I also had to edit some of the holding animations for a few weapons to have a proper view once wielded.

The mod is also compatible with Lance McDonald’s 60FPS patch, so the full experience is finally here, and it will be also compatible with other mods like Boss Rush and Randomizer very soon!

Q3. How was the experience of collaborating with Zullie the Witch on this first-person mod for Bloodborne?

Garden of Eyes: Actually, Zullie and I have collaborated on a lot of projects before, the most notable being the discovery of accessing unused dungeons using Save Editing back in 2017. This was a very big milestone in discovering chalice dungeons, unused enemies and bosses in Bloodborne.

Q4. One of the most common responses to your video is that the mod will look amazing on PSVR. Do you plan to mod VR control in Bloodborne, in the future?

Garden of Eyes: I'm not sure how doable modding the game into a VR mod will be; as the capabilities of modding games on PS4 is limited compared to what we can do on PC.

Another problem is accessibility, as only people with a jailbroken PS4 can play the mods. But if I can actually do it as a VR kind of mod, then that would be another ambitious project indeed!

Q5. How do you feel the first-person perspective changes gameplay and approach in a souls-like title such as Bloodborne?

Garden of Eyes: Honestly, with a fast-paced game like Bloodborne, it feels like a completely new experience in first-person and really gives you more incentive to replay this great masterpiece.


Q6. Popular YouTuber VaatiVidya recently spearheaded a Kickstarter book called Soul Arts, which brings together all the community art and concepts artworks inspired by Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring. The artists have imagined new places, weapons, and bosses which expand the world. What are your thoughts on that?

Garden of Eyes: I think it's a very cool project, as I have also been part of the latest competition in making a fan-made trailer of Bloodborne 2, and it's honestly amazing to see how big the Souls community has become ever since the release of the first game!

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